• Lamestream media blames Conservative Christian for Pres. Osama assassination attempt (when Mexicans were really behind it)!

    November 17, 2011 5:13 pm 23 comments
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  • This last Friday, an illegal Mexican immigrant, Carlos El Zorro Dos Equis Pancho-Hernandez, commited an attack on our leader: B. Hussein Obama. He acquired heavy duty AK-47s and rocket launchers from (ironally) the Pres’ corrupt ATF branch. The guns were most likely funded by Obama’s satanic socialism, drug money, and from Carlos’s uncles’ taco stand. This shooting penetrated the interior walls of The White House (or as it is most commonly known as “The Black House” or “Hell, Jr.”). Some bullets were stopped by the labial lips of the south entrance. As usual, the atheistic mainstream media was quick to blame this on a conservative. Those bastards should all be hung by their belts if you ask me. What the mainstream media don’t realize is that this beaner was commited his crime at 11:11 on 11/11/11. There is most likely some dark illuminati magic behind this crime because no logical illegal would attempt to kill someone they worship and M themselves two. I, for one applaud Mr. Enchilada for his hatred for Obama and for taking a stand against the communist dicatorship, however, I have been legally advised by ChristWire Ltd.’s lawyer to say that I don’t support shooting the president even though he’s most likely a kenyan muslin commie and the anti-christ. I mostly hopes that our country can come to its sences and elect a good republican like Hermain Cain (even though he’s an afro-saxon) or Michelle Bachman (even though she’s a woman). Despite the fact that they are second class citizens due that the made the choice to be black or a woman, If one of thems doesn’t beat Obama, somebody will.

    A Legal Warning from Christwire, at the request of the our laywers and the United States Secret Service under He-Who-Shall-Not Be-Named (Schutzstaffel):
    Our lawyer has informed us that some of the statements in this fine peice of journalism could be considered threatening to the “leader” of our country, Amerca. Christwire would like to say that legally, we can not publically support threats or a violent Coup d’├ętat against our brutal and oppressive dictator (although one can dream… if Obama hasn’t outlawed that, yet), nor any violent ” hate crimes “(nonsense liberal term) against any individual who does not fall into the “Anglo Saxon Converative Christian” category; but our readers have the freedom to do anything they so desire as it can not be traced back to us. The commentary in this article supports the views of its author and has the full support of Christwire, but it COULD NOT be viewed as legal evidence against ChristWire Ltd., its subsidiaries, or its staff, in a criminal trial in a court of law, for whatever reason. Thank You

    Attached is a picture of the suspect (May Be Graphic):

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