• Madonna is Dating Brahim Zaibat, How Old Is Too Old for Cougaring?

    November 11, 2011 3:56 am 4 comments
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  • Madonna is dipping into the mocha basin again and this time it is not child shopping, sort of. Madonna is a woman who made herself famous with catchy tunes for gays to play in their favorite glittering disco pants clubs, sprawling herself to entice the eyes of normal men and finally giving a ‘girl power’ image to make herself famous and an inspiration to other women looking to cut a piece of the world on their own.

    Such a brilliant marketing scheme is admirable, considering Madonna is a self-made woman who literally started her career with pennies and the clothing on her back. Sadly, she still has to be condemned for helping make gays merry, teaching women that exposing taut flesh can make you popular (how many celebrity women feel the need to add ‘___ slip and ___ tape’ to their resumes these days?), and coercing us men to look at her in lust, when that’s not what we wanted in the first place.

    Now adding to the list of crimes is Madonna is dating a younger man of age 24. Madonna has to be pushing 60 by now, which means she could be a grandmother in this Obama Momma days. The idea of a woman dating a man so young is just not fresh or delicate for the belly to handle; it’s a full out dose of Montezuma for the spiritual soul. It just makes you want to hurl and purge everything you know about the story.

    Best of luck to Madonna and Brahim Zaibat, though it may be prudent for every older woman celebrity to take notes from Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston. Once the young guy you’re dating gains fame, it increases his dating resume. Where older women like the energy of a fresh man meat, younger women only primarily care about cars and money. And face it: reptiles are the natural enemy of mankind so why would a man want to date a tough, leathery handbag when he could be dabbling in the soft, supple fields, mountains and valleys of a 20-something wonderland?

    And that’s how this story will end.

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