• “Many homosexuals openly admit that they are pedophiles because they cannot actually reproduce, they resort to recruting children”. – Baptist Minister Dr. Tom Vineyard

    November 18, 2011 3:51 pm 20 comments
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  • And as if that headline were not shocking enough, look at this one:  “Homosexuals account for half the murders in large cities!”.

    Gays will try to deny these facts but we have proof!  And where there is the fire of proof, there stand the flames of judgement.   God’s judgement!

    Look at how the homosexuals try to smear the facts of Dr. Vineyard!  Gays try to pretend they are not violent, calculating sphincter destroyers!  Ask any proctologist!  Gays are bad for your health!

    Gay bowel syndrome.  Herpies.  Hepatis C laced HIV!  These are all the fault of GAYS.

    Gays cannot have children, so they want to adopt normal children so they can destroy their morality and ensure a new generation believes sodomy is a righteous and healthy lifestyle!

    My friends, gays are causing America to hemmorhage all its morality.  We are spilling it out and Satan has hidden the sutures!  Our good Reverend Clyde H Higgens has warned!  For every one gay marriage state, God comes that much closer to wiping America out and picking a new nation to be his One Nation Under God!

    Friends, if you do not want to be Mexico or even worse Britain take heed!  Do not become a nation of gay supporting fecal pirate supporters.  BAN HOMOSEXUALITY NOW!

    They are trying to throw our good friend and colleague Dr. Vineyard under the bus!  They want to throw us all under a yellow school bus they call their diseased dangle wang!  They want us all to yelp out as they have their way and delight in the musks of their sin of internatinoal allowed gay married.

    Ban the gays, before they bannister us all from behind!


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