• Mexican Senators to America “Let our Dirty Illegal Cast Offs Stay, We Don’t Want Them”

    November 2, 2011 2:11 pm 4 comments
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  • Mexican Senators to America “Let our Dirty Illegal Cast Offs Stay, We Don’t Want Them”

    Tuesday in Washington, Mexican Sen. Carlos Jimenez Macias, member of the Mexican Foreign Relations Committee, admitted that they want to meet with US legislators in states that have enacted strict illegal Immigration laws. The Mexicans say they plan to meet with state lawmakers from Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina and Utah.

    Newspaper reports say the Mexicans plan to show state lawmakers information they say shows illegal immigrants stay out of trouble and contribute to the economy. No doubt, I am sure they will try to engage our lawmakers in snorting a few keys of coke first.

    I think the important question is why. Why do the Mexican government want millions of their least desirable burrito eaters to come here instead of staying in their homeland? What does Mexico have to gain by millions of its little stinking chorizos coming here?

    It is easy. Illegals bring drugs. They bring gastrointestinal dirty bomb restaurants, they marry fat ugly white women and have anchor babies and they send millions of dollars a year back to family in mexico to cook up more meth and crack, to sell to our youth. That is Millions of American dollars going to Mexico, every year. How can this nation come out of the worst economic down turn in a century when these illegal mexican border jumping beaners send millions to a foreign nation? That sounds like Terrorism to me!

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