• More Proof of the Gay Agenda in Skyrim

    November 27, 2011 6:58 pm 24 comments
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  • After Tyson Bower III’s explosive expose on Skyrim, thousands of parents have emailed the Holymailbox.  Many are concerned and wondering about ease of access to this disturbing game that teaches homosexual posturing techniques to anyone who plays it.

    One concerned parent walked in on her son and found him ‘paused’ in the game, pants around ankles and staring confused at the following image.  Look at her email and warning message.  This can happen to you:

    Dear Tyson Bowers III and whoever it may conern,

    I have always considered myself a good mother to my three children.  My husband and I are Christians and yet open people, accepting the friends of our children and their independence in many things as they grow older.  I admit that after reading your article on Skyrim, I thought it was outlandish.  I left a nasty comment and said the language you used was vulgar and when I asked my son if the things I read were true, he responded with no.  That was good enough for me.

    I really didn’t think much more about the article until yesterday, when I walked into my son’s room to put up some laundry of his.  I assumed he was enjoying the holiday off from school with his friends and walked straight into his room.   I could not believe my eyes.

    His pants were down about his ankles and I think that’s enough to explain to you what was going on.  I was horrified and he was embarassed but even moreso, so angry and screaming in rage.  Despite him screaming for me to go away, I did not.  I thought I would see pornography on his computer screen as I ordered him to cover it up.  But instead, I saw this following image and I think he was talking to another male on his head microphone thing.  It is just all so confusing.  I had my daughter do a ‘shot’ of the screen and this is my way of apologizing to you and hopefully helping your ministry expose this game.

    My husband and I are now concerned that not only is our son sexually active with himself, but also may have homosexual tendency.  It is an overwheling time for us and it really seems this Skyrim game is responsible in all these sudden wrongs in our son.  Thank you for all you do to inform parents and protect our nation’s children.


    Troubled Mom in Boston

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