• My little pony: Friendship is magic. A show that built an internet community.

    November 2, 2011 7:52 pm 15 comments
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    My little pony: Friendship is magic was aired in the fall of 2010, a show intended for the audiences of 7-12 year old children. Most would naturally assume the show would be directed for small girls, however this was not the case with the lineup of talented writers and artists that were behind the wheel of this soon-to-be internet phenomenon. Just a short while after its initial release, the show had gathered a number of male fans, only these male fans were much older than the intended audience, some being over 30 years of age.

    On a foul, decadent and repulsive site known as chan, the seeds of this online community were sewn and a civil war was about to erupt. On the discussion board known as /co/ (discussing comics & cartoons) male fans posted threads about their love for the show, and as many hated their perplexing obsessions, many more braved the links to the show on youtube and soon became fans themselves. The fans labeled themselves Bronies (Short for Bro pony) and collected a massive and hyper-active fanbase that produced masses of talented artwork, fan stories and videos. However all was not well.

    With a new community on the rise to power on the web, trolls and ‘internet paladins’ of other communities soon assessed a threat in their corrupt site of chan and sought to blot it out with gore, pornography and hatred. But these methods were utterly fruitless as bronies had learnt well frm the show and responded to the opposition with pure love and tolerance, adding a wealth of pony memes and reactions pics to the boards of chan. Even after the moderators and admins of the site banned the use of the colorful and heart-warming pictures the bronies persevered as they do to this day.

    Now most of the community has made an exodus across the web, creating massively popular sites where the atmosphere is warm and excepting. Truly there has never been a community quite like this one and although it has its dark corners, as every fan-base does, the bulk of its community is safe for the common internet dweller.

    The show itself is about a group of ponies who live in the fantasy world of Equestria. Each week these ponies have adventures and events that teach them about the magic and importance of friendship, some episodes even delving into deeper, more mature events that change characters view on the world around them. For this reason alone I would recommend the show to any parent who wants their kids to watch a fun and non-persuasive show. It seems that more and more I look at shows today and see a bland and dull atmosphere about them, their episodes fogged by advertisement, repetitiveness and many having stereotypical bad acting in live-action shows.

    This show however has non of this, presenting a wealth of talented voice actors, hilarious and well structured scripts and characters that you’ll fall in love with. Such characters are

    Twilight sparkle – A book-smart unicorn who is sent to Ponyville to study the magic of friendship.

    Applejack – A ‘cowgirl’ pony who is hard working and honest.

    Rainbow Dash – A tomboyish pegasus who is the fastest flier in Equestria, she is loyal and has a competitive spirit.

    Rarity – An upper class unicorn who is a talented fashion designer, she is well known for being generous.

    Fluttershy – A shy and gentle pegasus who is kind hearted and soft spoken.

    Pinkie pie – A hyperactive pony who loves to throw parties and loves candy.

    Each character has their pros and cons in personality, which makes the show all that more intriguing as they reflect on themselves and learn how to be better friends. This makes for excellent watching and completely safe for children, also making it fully enjoyable for adults so that a whole family can enjoy the show together.

    I am sorry for involving this site (which I would hope harbors more important discussion than that of a child s cartoon) with this online tussle, but a recent story that was posted here advertises a false and tainted view on a show that has brought millions joy and certainly does not advertise inappropriate material on any level. I truly hope you either enjoy the show, or remain indifferent on the subject, for it is something that does not deserve the hatred it receives. If you wish to learn more about the brony community, the answers a a mere Google away.

    God bless all of you.

    (P.S: I am new to the functions of this site and have had difficulty posting images. If I have not displayed the images I included in this story properly please excuse me.)

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