• NASCAR Fans Forced to Boo Michelle Obama

    November 21, 2011 3:49 pm 4 comments
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  • The Black Swan swooped down on NASCAR weekend, claiming to be there to honor military families.  The crowd did not fall for her bag of black magic tricks.  Michelle Obama was booed by Nascar fans.

    Now many Democrats like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are naturally up in arms, claiming NASCAR is a racist organization that is just about white good ol’ boys drinking beer and watching cars drive fast.  That is not true.  If this had been us booing President Bush, everyone would be all out giving high fives and thinking it was a great weekend.

    This is a double standard.  Why should anyone not be allowed to boo Michelle Obama?  Family Guy made fun of Laura Bush accidentally running over her best friend.  Is Family Guy racist?  They make fun of everyone, but naturally, they are only racist against whites because they made fun of Laura Bush?  Maybe all of Comedy Central, the channel of Democrats, is racist too.  They are the ones who allowed it to air!

    I’m sick and tired of the reverse racism in this PC liberal world.  Black Entertainment Television.  Black Colleges.  Black History Month.  Black this.  Black that.  Yet, if I even dare use the word “black” to describe someone, I’m racist?  Why are the blacks always pointing out color but when it is mentioned, then they get all offended!  Why can’t we have White Entertainment Television?

    These are good American people just trying to enjoy a weekend.  Michelle Obama decided to bring politics into the weekend and she got a good taste of political opinion right now.   Boo Obama!  Booga Booga!

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