• New Tim Tebow Jerseys Prove Denver Broncos as Jesus’ Choice

    November 15, 2011 4:33 pm 3 comments
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  • As if there needed to be more proof that the Denver Broncos are God’s new team, we see Jesus himself has Christened Tebow’s number 15 as the new holy mark for America.

    Tebow gained popularity in college for his ability to pray to God before a big play, visibly resulting in one of his legedary passes being hoisted upon the gentle winds generated by teh flapping wings of God’s angels, perhaps nestling into the waiting hands of a wide receiver or tight end.

    We’ve seen Tebow’s running ability miraculously enhanced to seem as if the power of 10 galloping horses are with his every step, especially last week when the Broncos ran all over the Chiefs like they were quadripalegic squirrels caught on the freeway.

    Tebow only needed to complete two passes to lead his team to victory and it was due to the team now being blessed.

    Denver Atheists are naturally being poor sports and not embracing the ‘Holy Bronco’ epoch that’s reaching out from the old city of Mile High’s Elway greatness, but that’s just because they are upset about their socialist #OccupyCapitalism being busted up by the cops.

    Tebow was only hired as permanent quarterback a month ago and what will be neat to see is as the team embraces its roots and foundation in Christianity, the AFC West division will start to clearly show the Broncos do an obligatory movie calibre move from last place to first place, in dramatic fashion in the last game of the season.

    And as such, the legend of Tebow shall be born, my friends.  It shall be born again, in the NFL.

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