• NEWSFLASH: Notorious Emosexual Rocker Andy Beersack now a confirmed Homosexual

    November 4, 2011 2:58 pm 356 comments
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  • Andy Beersack is the pagan god anti-christ of the satanic emosexual revolution. I have fought tirelessly over the last few months to unveil the darkness that is behind this movement of teens that are painting their faces like corpses and then whining about how people pick on them for looking like idiots. It took me a while but I finally found that Beersack is the heart of this evil.

    I have been following him every since I found out how mindless emosexual drone children follow him without question. We all here at Christwire have questioned him, his gender, and his sexuality. Every time that we do countless young emo girls write in to tell us how he is a male and likes women. But at christwire we know that when it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and likes sodomy like a duck then it is a DUCK.

    Well now we have proof that Andy Sixx Beersack is a dirty filthy man loving homogay sodomy loving duck. Can you watch the video below and not know young emo girls that he will never love you. He loves men, and he loves them in the fanny.

    In this video we see him with his homogay lover Matt. They discuss their “love life” and how they engage in sodomy at least 3 times a week. They talk about how they love one another and write poems “and have a lot of sex”. This is disgusting.

    Emogirls if there is still any question as to whether you will ever have a chance at your satanic rock star god let this video further thwart your dreams.

    In this video they embrace and sing about loving one another and admit that they will “never cheat” on each other.

    I am sorry to burst your prepubescent emosexual puppy love fantasy bubble, but we all told you this. Any man that dresses like a woman and wears makeup is just not right in the head.

    This is the face of a homosexual

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