• Now Earthquake in Missouri Strikes, Gay Actors Yet Again to Blame!

    November 7, 2011 4:44 am 2 comments
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  • Earthquake in Missouri

    Saint Joseph, Missouri, civic theater explodes after mighty 6.4 magnitude earthquake ripped through Missouri after gays staged a sarcastic play that advocated gay marriage. Terrified thespians can be seen sashaying and flailing arms as they flee in sin from wrath.”

    For it is written!
    Ezekiel 38:19 – In my zeal and fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great earthquake in the land.

    Winter fast approaches and rest assured my friends, Satan feels the ice cold shoulder of God’s eternal judgement in his hellbound soul! Like an old man without enough blankets, Satan craves heat and looks to stoke the eternal fiery pits of hell with as much kindling as possible!

    What kindling could be more combustible than the fecal marinated sear flesh of a homosexual! Mark my words, sinful sodomites. Missouri was safe from God’s wrath because they formed a Constitutional ban of homosexuality in 2006! What a proud day for moral Missouri when the ink dried on a law that banned gays from marriage in their state!

    But my friends, under Obama’s dark reign things have been topsy turvy! Helter-skelter Kenya! States have began to allow a man to play liquid plumber to the backside sewer lines of another man! Even the fecal Sodomy Megalopolis of New York has made backwards stides in allowing homophillic habba jabba to take place under the oath of marriage, an honor only for a woman and a man!

    But look what happened in Missouri. Tailgrinding, tiger’s blood chugging thespians from the University of Missouri in Columbia started a statewide “Homofest!”, where gay actors were to come out and do homosexual improv acts at all state schools! The Young Republicans at U of M were denied their request to have the show shut down and that was all God needed to know there would have to be a SHOW DOWN between himself and the gays of Missouri.

    The site: Missouri Western’s civic theater in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Only hours after God stamped his foot in Oklahoma, sending out three mighty earthquakes, he again bashed the ground with a clenched fist and sent the gays shrieking in typical soprano noted terror!

    My friends, the gays are all bark and no bite. They try to scare us with litigated homosexuality and calling us bigots for not allowing them to sodomize our families and the morality of this nation. But when another gay dares approaches you and tries to say you’re wrong for your beleifs, just give them a juicy reminder! Tell them that even Missouri is not safe from the eternal power of God!

    Look at how the gay’s messy apartment was destroyed and shaken by this Earthquake in Missouri!


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