• Obama Orders FCC To Give First Ever Nationwide Test of Emergency Broadcast System on November 9th

    November 3, 2011 5:00 pm 25 comments
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    Barack Obama realizes he cannot win in 2012 and is finally making his move to brainwash us and take over the country.  With Gaddafi, bin Laden and Hussein fallen by the hand of President Bush, the fundamentalist Muslim world is looking for a new power player.   My friends they are turning their eyes to Barack Hussein Obama!

    Let us take a look at this commercial:

    Why would they tell us ahead of time? Why do they want us to ‘warn’ all our parents, friends and coworkers to watch it!

    It is like Obama and his FCC cronies want us to hear this Emergency Broadcast System nationwide alert! Why? My hypothesis is that he’s going to brainwash us all!

    My friends, Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein! That is evil enough in itself. This dark puppet has masqueraded as US president for long enough now and we cannot handle it any longer. We must not let him continue to take over our country. Warn your friends to NOT listen to the Emergency Alert System commercial on November 9th. It will be the end of their free thoughts, or even worse, they will be announcing that we are subservient to the Chinese or even scarier.

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