• Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks

    November 1, 2011 5:33 pm 23 comments
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  • When looking at the probably presidential race between Obama and Cain, I can only think one thing: Our blacks are so much better than their blacks.

    Any educated person today understands that Republicans are the party of equality and progress.  While Democrats pander to hindering concepts such as affirmative action and ghetto welfare vouchers, Republicans challenge blacks as equals and push them to achieve greatness with the power of their minds and ambition.

    Between Barack Obama and Herman Cain, we see two pinnacle blacks at the top of their game.  But when you really look deep into the character of each candidate, and those who surround them, you can really see that I’m not wrong when saying that black men in the GOP are more balanced, educated and fair than black men who are Democrats.

    This is saying quite a bit, for many black men have been wiled into joining the Democrat party.  Why is this so?  The black community is dominated by matriarchs and ‘open-minded’ white folks who buy into socialism.  Socialism advocates that there will be weak people and in the dogma of Democratism, blacks are the weakest of all races.  They must be protected, like an endangered species.

    So we get pandering laws like affirmative action and lower expectations for pocket black communities.  Within America, we have managed to create a microcosm of the whole of Africa.  Think about all the nations in Africa that are full of starving children, lands and tribes torn apart by genocidal leaders and lack of infrastructure.  These people are not challenged to achieve for themselves, any and all aid coming from white people playing “Superman” for a defenseless populace.

    Black Republican Men do not have a victim mentality.  They are sharp and tactful.  Herman Cain knew he was in for a ‘high-tech lynching’ from his Democrat rivals.  Just like when Clarence Thomas was put into office, Democrats are already producing women who are trying to claim Cain sexually harassed them.

    Already, reporters are pushing cain with endless trick questions and trying to get him to trip on his words.  But unlike Obama, who with Jessie Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and Al Sharpton resort instantly to the race card, Cain stands sharply and answers questions directly.  He accepts that he is black and running for office, but does not try to use his race as a shielf.

    He stands up to the fire of media and douses any heated questions with cool, composed logic.

    Liberals hate conservative blacks.  They will try to verbally berate them and lynch them.  Herman Cain is exactly rigth about this.  Furthermore, Herman Cain is a traditional black man.  Obama was born to a Harvard educated father and mother who lived the high life of international travel.

    Herman Cain’s ancestry is one of triumph over adversity, his slave ancestors not being mentioned by the very cheerleaders who heralded Obama as ‘the first black president’.

    There is a stigma on Black GOP men and it should not be that way, that is, if you are educated.  The GOP should be the party for black people and it’s no secret that black men in the GOP are more logical, moral, driven and want better for their race.

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