• Pakistan Shoots Down NATO Helicopter, Declares War on America “By Cutting Us Off”

    November 27, 2011 5:25 am 5 comments
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  • Pakistan Declares War on the United States, Citizens Dance before Burning Rubble of United Nations Peacekeeping Helicopter – 24 Americans and Allies Dead

    The worst of American fears in the Middle East have been realized.  As Iran draws closer to completing a nuclear weapon that could be set off in the heart of Israel, completing the work started by our blood enemy Adolf Hitler, the world at large has been dealt another blow of evil by Pakistan.

    Early Sunday morning, Pakistani forces shot down a NATO helicopter.  The result of this unprecedented violence against the Western allies is 24 innocent soldiers dead.  Pakistan has further declared war by threatening America that no Western nation will be allowed to use Pakistani airspace or land for future military operations.


    KISTAN: 24 troops killed in NATO helicopter attack…
    NATO: Self-defense…
    RETALIATE: Pak shuts routes into Afghanistan…
    Orders drone base closed…

    The attacks occur only days after Chinese and Russian officials warned the US that any interference in Iran would result in ‘retaliation’.  Emboldened by Obama’s vows to remove all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2012, Russia, China, Iran and other terror nations are conspiring to make Asia one unified block of economic power to overpower the American-led Western nations.

    This newest act of war by Palestine has still not been officially addressed by the White House.  Washington insiders speculate that a form of military retaliation against Pakistan is prudent, as a show of strength against terrorism and to also assure Russia and China that the United States cannot and will never be the victim of an unprovoked attack without having the last retaliatory act in combat.

    Pakistan’s strategic cutting of access to Afghanistan will cripple the burgeoning pro-Western government in the nation and allow the terror group Hezbollah to take root again, among many other.

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