• Picture Evidence: Ricky Perry Was in Hitler Youth

    November 19, 2011 3:57 am 20 comments
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  • As we continue to learn more about the GOP candidates who want to ruin America in 2012, today I want to take a special moment hallmark highlight moment for our good friend and Texas governor Rick Perry.

    Governor Perry’s campaign so far has been highlighted by:

    1.  Rick Perry naming his campaign headquarters “Nig*erhead Ranch”

    2.  Ricky Perry physically shaking up and threatening Ron Paul

    3.  Being a scape goat blaming NAZI

    In the image to the right, we can see a picture of young Rick Perry taken next to the American flag, with what he probably figures is the Aryan eagle on top of it.

    We must remember that many Americans sympathized with the NAZI cause and to this very day, dare inhabit our country.

    Why would we go against the will and judgement of the greatest generation, and support a man who would stand with the likes of Adolf Hitler?

    The image at right is purely frightening and one Beer Hall Pusch away from destroying what’s left in Democracy in this great country.

    Remeber, if you want a NAZI for president, and you would like the taint of a goosestepping dictator named Adolf Hitler, then feel free to vote for Rick Perry.

    This message has been paid for by common sense against idiot Yosemite Sam types who think vowing to destroy terrorists and making offhanded racist remarks against Obama can get them elected.


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