• Pokemon: The Japanese Word For Crack-Cocaine

    November 30, 2011 4:16 am 80 comments
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  • Pokemon. A word we all know well from a childhood game. . . or is it? Is it a really a game or code for drugs like crack-cocaine, oxicotton, and of course marijuana. The Japanese have cleverly hidden drug themes like the ones listed in the little pocket monsters games.

    Pokemon enthusiasts around the world were introduced to the games in 1994. After the first 151 pokemon were released into the world of gamers all over the world, hints of drug themes were discovered throughout the unchristianized evolutions of the pocket monsters. For example: The first three pokemon seem like perfectly harmless Plant type pokemon, right? Wrong! Bulbisore has a marijuana seed on its back ready to burst with schwaggy smells and poisons of all kinds. The second of the evolutions is Ivysoar. The once marijuana seed has now blossomed into a full marijuana leaf, in which to hide its true form a small flower bud is placed to direct the eyes of gamers from paying too much attention to the actual leaves. The Final form of the evolution is, Venusaur. This is the mother of all marijuana plant type pokemon! This pokemon has a full fledged marijuana plant attached to its back. Not only are the marijuana leaves larger and wider, but they are venomous as well.

    Another fine example of the drug themed pocket monsters is the pokemon, Oddish. While it may look cute and adorable, it is far from it! For pokemon experts and gamers who know Oddish well, note that the leaves on its head are strategically placed to look like a marijuana leaf. The other forms of Oddish are covered up well and seem only to be a somewhat pretty-looking flower pokemon.

    The pokemon listed above are from the first generation of the pokemon series. Not only were the drug themes in the first generation, but they were carried throughout the other generations of the series. In the second generation the amount of pokemon almost doubled in number! Different types were introduced to the pokemon nation, as well as, new attacks and new characters. What is striking is the Dark type pokemon. Sinister little pocket monster with a devilish power so strong even the so-called, “good” pokemon couldn’t stop them from wreaking havic upon other pokemon and other pokemon trainers.

    Another one of the drug themes carried in to the second generation was, crack-cocaine. The legendary pokemon, Suicune is a Snow type, and when its name is translated into English, it means, “God of Crack-Cocaine and Other White Powerdy Drugs”. The pokemon has notable white markings on its hind legs, sides, and upper shoulders from where its been scratching since its fur is made from the powerdy substance.

    Another pokemon who bares the insignia of crack-cocaine is, Regice. The code name for crack-cocaine in the pokemon world is this pokemon. When two trainers meet in a trading center to trade their pokemon for money or other pokemon, they usually trade other pokemon for Regice. This pokemon is a symbol to meet at a street corner to get the much anticipated bag of white powerdy Suicune.

    The final example of the drug themes linked throughout the generations of pokemon is, Oxicotton. The pokemon responsible for the first appearance and realization of this pill-like drug is, Cottoney. It is obviously a Tree type pokemon because we all know that cotton comes from cottonwood trees. Oxicotton is present in the visual of this Pokemon right when you lay eyes on it. Its other and final evolution is called Whimscott and it has clearly overdosed on the drug seeing it smile so creepily and having cotton overflowing from its little brain if it has one. Its growth was stunted as well do to some of the effects of the drug.


    So you see viewers, Pokemon are really trying to captivate you into using drugs of all kinds and not just ones listed. There are well over 600 pokemon up to date and have indicated themes in drugs and even alcohol usage. Parents, mind what your children are playing and mind what games you are buying them for Christmas. I would hope you would heed my warning about these dangerous little pocket monsters. After all, they are called monsters.

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