• Police Evict #OccupyPortland Protesters by Spraying Them With Firetrucks Full of Axe Shower Gel, No Arrests Required

    November 12, 2011 9:20 pm 5 comments
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  • As I have reported in the past, Portland, Oregon is a very Liberal city. They allow Trans-Gender people to use health care for sex changes, they allow hippies to smoke “medical marijuana” and they allow 70 year old Basketball players like Greg Oden to pretend he is “just out of College”, even though he breaks a bone everytime he walks.

    The “Taint Tingler” Mayor named Sam Adams was out of the Country in Ibiza at a Gay rights party when this #OccupyNoJobs thing started. His assistants tried to explain this to him, but he was to high on LSD laced Meth Lollipops to understand what was happening. He said, as any Gay Hippie would, “Let them stay”. So these hippies were allowed to camp out, causing rape, disease and drugs to run rampant in Downtown Portland.

    When Mayor Sam Adams came back from his drug-fueled sex trip in Ibiza and Greece, he smelled a problem. That problem was the stinky protestors living directly across the street from his office.

    Mayor Sam Adams told the protestors that they had until 12:00am on 11-13-2011 to evacuate their camps in two City parks.

    The Portland City Council had discussed allowing the protestors to stay, but putting a fence around the park while they slept, effectively locking them in (I approved of this idea). Instead they decided on forcing them to move completely.

    There were many options brought up on how to get the protestors to leave without violence.

    Over 6000 people showed up to protect and join these protestors at around Midnight, but the Police did nothing to provoke all of these extra people. The Police directed traffic and kept people from being hit by cars. The Portland Police are well known for “Protecting and Serving”.

    As the crowd of supporters started thinning out and the Bars started closing Downtown however, violence started happening. 5 protestors were run over by Drunk drivers trying to leave the bar, but the protestors were at fault for walking in front of vehicles without a “Walk” signal. Those protestors were arrested for disrupting traffic flow and when they get out of the Hospital, they will spend up to 30 days in Jail.

    After the violence started, the Police decided it was time to break out the Non-Lethal tactics. The problem was, they have #OccupyOakland and #OccupyWallStreet’s fiasco’s of injuring Veterans and other innocent people or even a DOG!

    The last picture was the only time I was against both the protestors and the Police. Killing a Dog is horrible, but the protestor who brought that Dog to a situation that everybody knew could turn violent is awful too. Would you take you kid to War with you? Hippies say they love animals, yet they bring them to violent protests and panhandle for marijuana while their pets go unfed. Awful.

    So, the Portland Police had to come up with a peaceful way to remove these protestors so that there would not be lawsuits or deaths.

    What could they do???

    Thanks to a Local group named Christians against Hippie Violence, run by President Bruce Danus, the Police came up with a great idea.

    12 Firetrucks were filled with Axe Shower Gel and water. Those trucks were then positioned around the camps and began spraying.

    The Police didn’t need to arrest anybody and no violence happened. This is thanks to the fact that these protestors are horrified of or possibly allergic to soap.

    I suggest that every City in the World who has these #Occupy people use this tactic. It is non-violent, effective and evironmentally friendly.

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