• Priests Are the Gateway Drug Into Homosexuality

    November 4, 2011 2:11 pm 16 comments
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  • If Republicans want to continually badger gays for simply wanting  marriage, citing all sorts of fabricated ills as reasons why two loving adults cannot join life in matrimony, we should look deep into the issues of legality, logic and reality.  When using reason, there is absolutely no legal explanation of why gays cannot marry outside bigotry and the loudest-mouth oppresors being veiled homosexuals.

    There is a stat that many of my new colleagues like to state:  for every one gay, four people are molested.  This little blip is moreso of an assumption that is eagerly consumed by the pundits of this site and many others (Fox News, The Daily Beast, MichelleMalkin, Drudge Report come to mind) and spewed out as fresh worm hash to the little chirping mouths of their blind, mentally flightless followers who would as soon fall to their death if pushed from the comfort of their momma’s nest.

    Here is a new counter line that I like:  Priests are the Gateway Drug to Homosexuality.

    Thank me and please liberally use it.  At this point Catholics and their Christian associates will cry and say it’s not the case, even though there is endless proof that homosexuality has lurked in the back halls and confession boxes of cathedrals, synagogues and churches since the inception of the concept.

    The issues of The Church hiding abuse has been long standing.  Why are so many men of the cloth using their frocks to clean up after themselves after moments of uncontrolled shame and misuse of authority?  Why is The Church so adamant about not allowing gay marriage when countless priests are playing backyward quarterback with the defenseless parishioners who are forced to endure a lifetime of secrecy, guilt and shame?

    enhanced buzz 24892 1280250042 9 Liberals Release 15 Gayest Pictures of the Pope Smear Campaign
    Here the Pope waves to the crowd, most likely with a child catching his eye and garnering a more sympathetic, playful wave.

    The problem is pretty simple.  There is a disconnect of reality in The Church.  Being gay does not cause one to do a crime.  Being a criminal causes one to do a crime.

    The Catholic Church has created an environment that is condusive for abusive people to take out their aggression and lusts and get away with it.  We saw similar in Vietnam, when frustrated with the entire situation of a war (like priests may get frustrated being ‘barred’ from their sexuality) and lax reporting lead to countless abuses by US soldiers:  villages ravaged, lifes destroyed and secrecy prevailing.

    Priests are being allowed to introduce countless people to homosexuality by force.  Then, at mass or if you’re a Christian at normal service, they take the high road and warn their congregations about ‘gays burning in hell’.

    When asked for proof, obscure passages are cited and I’m not sure about you, but I’ve yet to see one gay or any other person burn in hell.  So how can everyone be so sure that gay marriage will send you to hell and cause everyone else to have to endure:  hurricanes, wild, exotic animals sent to bite gays dead with rabies, great fires on Earth and essentially any other parlor trick wrath that Christians want to attribute to God.

    God is not a bag of parlor tricks.  This much was warned about all throughout the Bible.  Nearly every parable of Jesus and his disciples include their hearts being hardened because they wanted to see Jesus do parlor tricks.  God is not some street magician, there to work for our whims.

    Nor is God an excuse to keep gays away from marriage rights.  America is a nation where religion and matters of state should not interact in legal decree.  We cannot say ‘It’s just not right” or “They will burn in Hell” as arguments against gay marriage.   If such were the case, it would be just as fair for me to say, “Churches should all burn in hell, because they harbor the gateway drug into homosexuality”.

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