• Roblox – a game of homosexuality and prostitution

    November 25, 2011 1:52 pm 26 comments
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    My children were recently playing a free game named Roblox. I waited until they were asleep so I could get on the website to see if this game is truly one that they should be playing.

    Later, I find out that this game is secretly a homosexual recruitment site. There are many nude and shirtless men in blocky form looking for erotic sex with other children. Not just this, but there is also copious amounts of violence in this horrid game. The game is teaching children that it’s fun to use weapons and shoot eachother. The appalling mechanics of this game forced me to block the site from my childrens’ computers in an attempt to halt the process of my children turning into homosexual murderers.

    One of the children asking for gay sex.

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