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    November 24, 2011 3:47 am Comments Off on Sam Poueu From The Biggest Loser Update
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  • Sam Poueu From The Biggest loser is an inspiration to millions of people.  After remaining in relative silence following a fall from a building, Sam finally gave us all an update on Twitter.  It seems the smiling inspiration had only great words to say and continues to be a great hope to millions of people who suffer from overweight obesity.

    Getting better: Sam Poueu, pictured with fiancée Stephanie Anderson last year, is currently undergoing physical therapy In the picture at left, we see a suelte Sam Poueu posing with his gorgeous Christian fiancee Stephanie Anderson.  Following a fall from a building, Sam was forced to undergo physical therapy as part of a recovery regimine to minimize effects of his critical injuries.
    The 25-year-old was treated for a punctured lungs, a broken leg, a pelvic injury and torn ligaments.  While these injuries would be grievous and challenge any doctor, Sam from Biggest Loser has recovered quite well and that is all thanks to prayers we have said for him.

    According to sources, Poueu obtained his injuries after being locked out of a friend’s apartment.  Resourceful, Sam climbed down a fire escape to get off the rooftop where he was stuck.  The fire escape was made faulty by likely some underqualified Affirmative Action inspection company and gave way under Poueu’s gleaming physique.

    A contestant on the show in 2009, Sam lost 136 pounds to drop his total weight to 236 pounds.  Just look at that great image to the left:  you can see his impressive physique is a true gift from God.

    The woman in his newly firmed arm is another biggest loser contestant, the lovely Stephanie.  

    When the show started, Sam looked like this. 

    Weight loss winner: Sam ended up in great shape thanks to the show
    With prayer, hard work and determination, look at what he became.
    Weight loss winner: Sam ended up in great shape thanks to the show

    Sam is now a personal trainer and living a good life.  A spokesman for the Biggest Loser had this to say:

     ‘Sam Poueu is a beloved member of our Biggest Loser family and we are keeping him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.’

    Notice that Sam is in their prayers and he is in ours as well.  Prayer changes things and that includes your waistline.  Glory.


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