• SCANDAL: Michelle Obama Caught Fondling Former President Bill Clinton

    November 28, 2011 12:48 am 2 comments
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    Breaking Scandal: While Barack Obama was away for an impromptu evening golf foursome on late Sunday, First Lady Michelle Obama allegedly asked permission to have former President Bill Clinton escort her to a White House loosely formal function.

    As Clinton escorted Michelle to the star-studded event, several White House insiders claimed the two ‘exited their limo with hands constantly brushing one another, Clinton gently resting his arm upon Michelle’s flank and then her backside when it was thought all cameras were off’.

    The two continued their flirtatious behavior throughout the night, with Michelle Obama visibly caressing and fondling Bill Clinton’s thighs several times throughout the night.

    White House staff was largely mum about this issue, though one anonymous source on condition of job security did reveal to us that Michelle Obama did kiss Bill Clinton once on the lips and was seen mouthing something similar to ‘The hotel, later’ in his ear. Both were seen leaving the event together by themselves in a limo.

    This breaking story confirms earlier reports of Barack and Michelle having high strain in their marriage, perhaps contributing to the inordinate amount of time Obama has spent playing golf and traveling with friends instead of focusing on his job of fixing America’s economy. Insiders confirm the marriage relationship between Barack and Michelle is strained and others have hinted that Michelle is having an open affair right now with Bill Clinton, among other men who have remained nameless.

    Barack Obama may know about these affairs but cannot risk mentioning them in the midst of a close election year.

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