• Screw Joe Paterno’s Legacy and Penn State’s Prayer Posturing, The Real Sandusky Victims Are all that Matters

    November 14, 2011 1:27 pm Comments Off on Screw Joe Paterno’s Legacy and Penn State’s Prayer Posturing, The Real Sandusky Victims Are all that Matters
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  • I will not even pretend to be a big die-hard follower of college football or that I care anything about Penn State football’s future. But I will say one thing: I know bullcrap when I see it and there is nothing but the foul shame of excrement smeared on Penn State right now.

    It’s very pathetic to see a school that seems to know nothing about harboring a child predator that was as sequined with sparkly touchy-feely accusations as a glistening Elton John on banana-rama piano night in San Francisco’s gayest club, there is no way that all these people did not know this ‘defensive coach’ and Second Mile boy’s charity founder was not a foul git.

    The level of ignorance and cover-up in this scandal sickens me. The fact that people are crying and talking about Joe Paterno’s legacy sickens me. Who care that this coach’s ‘last years’ are mired by scandal! What about the young boys who now have ruined lives!

    Penn State is trying to save face, trying to not be ‘unfairly’ known as the university where a boy’s rape was covered up. Well guess what, Nittany Lions and everyone who lives in the area? If a boy is raped at your university, you will damn be known as the university that tried to cover-up the worst in humanity!

    Stop laying prostrate and spread cheeked before ‘intistutions’. Football is not important right now: what matters is that justice is done for the victims.

    Kirk Henderson
    ‎”If that blights Joe Paterno’s declining years, that’s too bad. If that takes a chunk out of the endowment, hold a damn bake sale. If that means that Penn State spends some time being known as the university where a child got raped, that’s what happens when you’re a university where a child got raped. Any sympathy for this institution went down the drain in the shower room in the Lasch Building. There’s nothing that can happen to the university, or to the people sunk up to their eyeballs in this incredible moral quagmire, that’s worse than what happened to the children who got raped at Penn State. Good Lord, people, get up off your knees and get over yourselves.”

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