• Secret 11-11-11 Occupy Ligurian Seaport Rally Discovered, More 11-11-11 meaning.

    November 11, 2011 3:47 am 5 comments
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  • As we warned about, atheists are planning a ‘coming out’ day against Christianity on 11-11-11 meaning that all people of morality are in great danger.

    A quick look at Google Maps reveals the Ligurian Seaport is a debauchery center on the coast of Genoa, the very city that dared defy President George W. Bush and claimed he was a war criminal!

    If President Bush was a war criminal, then Josef Stalin is the communist Easter Bunny of sunshine happiness and rainbow butterfly tinkling on the whispering winds tomorrow!

    What really gets me about these atheists is that they are so cultish. They try to make fun of us Christians when we pray or have communion, yet they are making all these crazy, eccentric plans to rally on 11-11-11 and ‘end Christianity once and for all’.

    My guess is there vicelord Richard Dawkins has calculated some ancient free masonry meaning into the Aztec death calendars or some such nonsense these fools blindly believe in.

    Atheists will always be blind to reality because they refuse to open their eyes to faith. We will keep an eye on this developing story because my guess is before their little ‘secret event’ they’ve created on Facebook and hid in an LA Times crossword puzzle today, they will be struck down with a giant hurricane or tsunami. Just watch.

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