• SHOCK: 10-Year-Old Mexican Gives Birth To A Baby

    November 12, 2011 6:09 pm 3 comments
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    A Mexican has had a baby and the shocking news is that it is only 10-years-old.  According to new reports from Mexico, the ten-year-old became a mother yesterday after giving birth to a baby boy in the city of Puebla in the state of Oaxacao.

    In Mexico, HIPPA apparently does not exist as doctors disclosed the young Mexican child arrived at the town of Puebla’s only hospital as she suffered from life-threatening complications of her pregnancy.  At 31-weeks into her pregnancy, the 10-year-0ld was even suffering seizures as her body attempted to cope with something that should not be.

    Somehow the doctors were trained well enough to perform a Caesarean section and a boy weighing 3.3 lb was lifted from the mother’s birthing chamber.

    Youngsters: The youngster is said to be visiting the hospital every day to breastfeed (picture posed by models)Youngsters: The youngster is said to be visiting the
    hospital every day to milk-feed (picture posed by models) – Source:  The Daily Mail

    The child was born premature and is battling a case of pneumonia.  According to local sources, the mother visits the hospital every day to mammal feed the child.

    Dr. Gonzalez, the director of The Women’s Hospital were the child gave birth to the child, immediately contacted authorities who under intense international pressure and scrutiny, are looking for the father so he can be punished.

    Mexico forces women to have children unless they can prove that the child was forced upon them.  Such Barbaric laws in Mexico are wrong.  Mexican women should have a right to their own bodies and yet we learn that the bogus laws in Mexico are an offense to the rights of women.  Every Mexican mother should be given the opportunity to have an abortion if she wants, but I digress from the topic at hand.

    In Mexico, children as young as 12 can ‘consent’ and that in itself is patently ridiculous.  There is not enough social stigma against young mothers in Mexico, and then add on top of it sloppy government laws that prevent Mexican abortions and you have their population mess.  While abortion should not be universal, Mexican women must necessisarily have that right and be encouraged.

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