• SHOCK: Racist Jury Finds Conrad Murray Not Guilty, Innocent

    November 7, 2011 3:53 pm 5 comments
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  • Well it seems the spirit of Johnny Cochran was whispering to the jury at Michael Jackson’s trial!  Even despite all the evidence of Conrad Murray spiking Michael Jackson’s veins with propofol, the jury still somehow “deliberated” and voted to liberate a Dr. Doomdeath Withdoctor!

    Call me racist if you want to, because this is just a disgrace.  Just because Michael Jackson had vitiligo and was misunderstood, it does n0t give this African menage the right to murder him.  Blood thirsty liberals are surely happy with this verdict but I am greatly angered, and believe I am no fan of Michael Jackson.

    I am just so saddened and angered by this great injustice.  I wish I was there with Katherine and Joe, there to throw little Paris in my arms and throw Latoya and Janet on my lap and just give them all one good old bear hug and do a prayer of comfort.  Say what you will about Michael Jackson.  He was a trademark of American culture and capitalism, and his African murderer just got away scot free.

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