• South Carolina Public School Holds Christian Event to Recruit Godless Atheist Students

    November 11, 2011 6:58 am 3 comments
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  • Atheist love to oppress Christians.  America was founded as a Christian nation that was to enjoy a Godly heritage and a Christian tradition.  Atheists will love to try to convince you otherwise, yet when you point out that the Declaration of Independence cites Our Heavenly Creator by name, silence will be upon their mouths.

    Today a victory was won for us Christians in South Carolina, where a middle school held a great event for Christians to recruit children who were hellbound because their parents refused to teach them about Christ and how to live life to be saved.  The sins of the father, become the sins of the son.

    Ever since 1962, atheists have made great strides in removing God from our schools.  It started with the removal of public prayer, which greatly increased drug use, STD rates and homosexuality throughout America.  We saw the fruits of removing prayer from schools when the children of the prayerless 60s became the adults of the 80s.

    For the first time, the words “AIDS” and “HIV” became a reality for America.  The children who were not allowed to pray in school became loose, immoral Jezebels and later found their bodies the victim of a lifetime of weakness to temptation, because God was not there to whisper in their prayerful ears how to say no to temptation.

    Atheists are raving mad about this video, but let’s keep them upset and keep them on the move until we can make them just like Indians on reservations. Assimilated to proper American.

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    Dudson Wallace If loving America is wrong, I don't want to be right. Let us restore our nation to its Godly heritage and Christian tradition as demanded in the Constitution.

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