• Steve Jobs Was Not The Saint You Fanboys Make Him to Be

    November 7, 2011 12:38 pm 8 comments
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  • The more everyone reads about Apple’s visionary Steve Jobs, the more they see why he was a controversial figure and labeled as ‘tough to work with’ by industry insiders.

    Jobs’ struggle with cancer is not something to be taken lightly. Cancer is a horrible disease that anyone and everyone must hope and pray is soon cured. But beyond his tragic death, there is some analysis to be done. Was Steve Jobs really that good a person?

    One of the most telling stories about Jobs’ ethic is his treatment of the other Steve of Apple, Wozniak. There is a story from their younger days where Jobs heard of a company needing a circuit board reconfigured. Since Jobs did not have the technical knowledge of how to do it, he recruited his smarter friend Wozniak to do the work. Jobs jilted Wozniak on the profits and took full credit for reconfiguring the circuit board. What a jerk.

    All of Jobs life is filled with similar stories. Why is this? Perhaps this example with Bill Gates is the most telling:

    As Black Friday fast approaches, there are a few things to remember.  One, remember “Black” Friday is named such so to remind you don’t bring new electronics into your home in front of the “Blacks”.  You may as well douse a baby lamb in A-1 sauce and dangle it in front of a den of hungry wolves!  You may as well spraddle your college daughter’s backside in front of a Snoopy Dogg thug convention!  There is nothing these beasts would love to devour more, but your electronics.

    So keep that in mind, but the other thing is that Black Friday is a day to celebrate the workers of America by providing great prices.  Since Steve Jobs is such a mean, hateful person it is better to follow my loving advice and buy Microsoft only products.

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