• The 10 Most Disgusting Video Games Your Child May Be Secretly Hiding From You

    November 28, 2011 7:32 pm 131 comments
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  • Computer games: they’re not just for awkward and apathetic teens anymore.

    In recent years, addictive video gaming has become very popular with children from as young as 5 to as old as 25. It has hit families from all creeds and all socio-economic backgrounds. For Christian parents, the challenge has been particularly acute. These technological assaults on common sense are specifically crafted to hide their deepest messages. They are intentionally difficult for adults to play, shielding their highest levels from only the most obsessive of players. It takes a concerted effort for those who care about the health of our youths to discover what horrors these radical tools teach and how they threaten the very foundations of our society. Shockingly, Satanism, sexual experimentation, sodomy, socialism and sickening drug propaganda are just some of the common themes of the best selling video games out there today.

    christwire video game reviewsWhat does this mean for our nation? What does this mean for the future of our youths? Clearly, parents should be far more involved with their children’s computer life, from monitoring their Facebook friends to refusing them access to deadly video games. This needs to happen not just at home, but at school and at the homes of their friends. Peer pressure is the number one reason youngsters engage in secret online roleplay and the nation’s police blotters surely tell the sad results of this cruel lifestyle.

    Gathered from the most disturbing reports available, below is a list of ten of the very worst games being marketed to innocent American families right now. Please, won’t you do your part and put them on your household’s “Do Not Play” list?

    10. Pokémon: Asian Nationalism, Racism, Communism, Cocaine Abuse
    “Clearly this game is on the subtle path of disenfranchising everyone but the Japanese with blatant racial discrimination and virtual drug pandering for profit. Perhaps it is viewed as reparations for a war lost or pure spite for the Asian jealous love of cowboys and cattle drives. Whatever the reason, Christian parents and grandparents need to usurp the purchasing decisions of our young wards and stop the proliferation of this dangerous game.”Pokémon Black and White: A Whiter Shade of Pale for Game Freak? Or RACISM?

    christwire video game reviews9. RapePlay: Sexual Assault, Masturbation, Radical Feminism, Asian Nationalism
    “Games like this teach boys that raping women is easy and ok, that they were ‘asking for it’ and this makes it 100x more dangerous. It makes light of the horrors of sexual slavery, to which every year up to 800,000 women fall victim.”Japanese Create New Rape Simulation Video Game For Kids.

    8. Princess Peach’s Pool Party: Hallucinogenic Drugs, Addiction, Teen Rebellion
    “A game that shows kids how to buy ‘Shrooms’ from Drug Lord Koopa! The object of this game is for kids to try and collect as much sin candy in 60 seconds and then see who can get their character to ‘Epic High Status.’ The player who has the highest THC levels at the end of the round wins.”Princess Peach’s Pool Party – The First Nintendo Wii 2 Video Game Uncovered.

    christwire video game reviews7. Dr. Who: European Socialism, Sodomy, Atheist Fantasy, Evolution “Science”
    “Centered around a time traveling pedophile who uses only his alias ‘The Doctor“ to introduce himself to underage children after breaking into their bedrooms, one travels through space and time to molest small children’s bottom holes and attempts to kill off female ‘companions.’”Doctor Who comes from England to Invade American Children’s Minds and Backsides.

    6. Portal 2: Pedophilia, Hardcore Homosexuality, Oral Sex, Extreme Violence
    “Game play takes place in a giant gay bath house, where children are encouraged to use their mechanical penis guns to create glory holes. In case you haven’t heard of this filth, ‘glory holes’ are all the rage in gay circles, where sweating homosexuals drill holes into walls and then perform sex through them, without having to show their guilt ridden faces. There is one thing a homosexual hates, and that is for their shame to be seen in the light of day.”Is Portal 2 Safe for the Christian Family?

    christwire video game reviews

    5. Dubstep Guns: Sloth, Hippie Culture, Gun Violence, Welfare Cheating
    “Taking this crazy, evil drugged-up dance culture and mixing it with video game violence that is so prevalent is sure to make it addictive to naive college children. Sadly, it’s already happening and a new video game called Dubstep Guns, an explosive plasma release of video game violence, drugs and neon Matrix theatrics is set to release a glimmer upon the teenage mind in late 2012.”Dubstep Video Game Gun Violence on the Rise.

    christwire video game reviews4. Black Veiled Brides: Polygamy, Cross-Dressing, Obscene Sexuality, Vampires, Death Cults
    “Just look at their pictures. Which ones are male? Which ones are female? Who knows? There is a game I play with the great grand kids when we are out and about in the city. When we see emo’s we play ‘He/She’ the goal is to correctly guess the gender of the poor lost soul. I like to look at these pictures and play that game.”Black Veiled Brides: Emo Rock at the Cross Roads of Hell.

    3. Sky Rim: Anal Sex, Promiscuity, Hardcore Homosexuality, Anti-Christian Violence
    “ Skyrimming is a street term the gays use when talking about applying their tongues to the outer rim part of another man’s sewer spout, while that man is being hung upside down. See the gays have weird fetishes and are close to Satan. Satan speaks to them and tells them news ways on how to experience demonic orgasmic sin.”Is Skyrim Teaching Your Children How to Perform “Rim Jobs“ and Other Homo Erotic Sex Maneuvers?

    christwire video game reviews2. Assassin’s Creed: Atheism, Gun Violence, Anti-Christian Terrorism, Paranoia
    “Your children are given missions to kill Popes, law enforcement figures, politicians, priests, landowners and at the same time they are made to protect thieves, communists, devil worshipers and devil whores. Each quest your child is given involves the murder of a person and sometimes multiple people, even children.”Assassin’s Creed Revelations – A Game That Teaches Children How to Murder and Be a Gay Anti-Christ.

    1. World of Warcraft: Suicide, Masturbation, Witchcraft, Severe Delusions of Grandeur
    “The fried, scrambled minds of a Warcraft player are naturally addicted to this game. And like a true crack drug fiend, they will stop at no ends to level up and continue their endless quest to nowhere! They are driven by the forces of Satan to do crazy, depraved things, even if it involves becoming a devilwhore.”Parent Alert – World of Warcraft and Cosplay Will Destroy Your Child

    christwire video game reviews

    Do Your Part, Parents!

    We need to show our children that we care deeply for their souls and for our nation’s future by introducing them to healthy activities, outside of the basements and in the fresh sunlight of daytime! Get your kids out on a football field, wipe that eye shadow from their faces, dress them in some athletic gear and have a hearty afternoon of genuine fun!

    Ultimately, a national effort needs to be made to clean up these techie internet monstrosities. To start with: Ban Asian and Anime computer games. Eliminate nudity and imaginary female player icons. Start a registry of screen names and avatars, like the National Center of Missing Children Database. Create a national board with religious leaders and scholars to approve and censor all new releases. Create more Christian-themed and family fun types of games that teach hygiene, morality and sexual purity. Finally, we need to make these illicit video games easier to play so parents can see ALL the levels!

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