• The My Little Pony Abomination: What Is a Bronie and Why They Make God Cry

    November 4, 2011 3:23 am 85 comments
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  • The My Little Pony Abomination: What Is a Bronie and Why They Make God Cry
    -Chuck D. Finley

    Much has been written about My Little Pony and the evils that it has unleashed on Man kind. Most notably it turns men into pink wearing butt slapping sodomites. But who would want to turn normal, average, every day men into anus craving abominations?


    It isn’t enough for those sexual deviant abominations to run around wagging their filthy sin sticks like dogs in heat, they have to have us accept who they are and what they do. They want us to accept them as normal and to give them the same rights as you and me. I tell you if they can’t get it then they are willing to do what it takes to turn the rest of us into ungodly freaks just like them!

    That’s right. Now the Gay Agenda is taking it a step further. They have to turn normal God fearing men into butt clenching, hip thrusting sodomites. And WE Men are just the first step. They wont stop until all Men, Women, children, and even animals want to butt bang fornicate. Trust me America, they will probably even try to figure out how to make plants gay. Are you sick yet? I know I am.

    But what is SO disgusting, sickening and so insidious is that this time they are using a cartoon to do it. Cartoons are supposed to be the domain of wholesome godly entertainment for children. A safe respite from the storm of sin outside the walls of the christian home. But they are using this against us. Cartoons are supposed to teach Boys to be Men and girls to be women.

    Cartoons used to Teach Boys How to Treat a Woman

    On first view you would think that the cartoon “My Little Pony” is a girls cartoon trying to teach them how to dress pretty and interact with others. But you would be so wrong. The sad fact is that many fathers today wish to spend time with their children, they will sit down to watch the cartoon with their daughters. And that is when they have got you. Soon the men are drawn more and more to this cartoon. These men proudly call themselves Bronies (Brony singular). A play of words on the combination of “Bro” and “Pony”. They soon become fanatical about watching it and will even dress up like their favorite characters. This soon leads to downloading “On Demand” Male gay porn from the cable box, and then to My Little Pony Furry sex play.

    This is an actual T-Shirt design that these sickos wear. I apologize for the profanity in the image.

    The world of Furries is a sickening twisted world where people dress like animals (think sports mascots but even gayer) and have sex parties where they stay dressed as the animal but keep their masks and animal heads on. This is gross anonymous sex but with a room full of men dressed like pink ponies it leads to an even more horrendous display of butt humping hoven sodomy. Do you have that image in your head? Wife’s do you want to see that happen with your husband? The father of your child? God I hope not.

    Why would a normal straight man become so crazed about this supposed childrens cartoon? Subliminal messages. There are countless instances of people at home finding these messages and posting them on Utube. Here is just one of the many.

    In retaliation these men that have turned away from normal life with a woman and family have turned to the internet to try to drag more men into their sick furry butt play parties. The sad fact is that it has worked. One young 24 year old created a blog known as The Brony Blog. In his latest blog rear entry he describes going to buy a My Little Pony toy while sneaking around Mothers and their children who were rightfully judging him for the sexual deviant pervert that he is.

    Fortunately one brave group of men are standing up to the internet bound Bronies and are trying to stop their wage of anal terror. The Anti-Bronie
    (A-BO) bravely fights against what they see as a evil group, or as they put it

    “As you can probably tell, this is getting out of control. The influence of the Bronies is spreading and we must put a stop to this. We must rise up together and put a stop to all of this. This is war.”

    This war will not be won until this “cartoon” is pulled from the air and these poor victimized men are taken into gay treatment and trauma centers to bring them out of the gay induced hazes that they are in.

    And then you will bun in hell for all eternity, sodomite!

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    Chuck D. Finley Brother Chuck is the Minister of The First Tyranical Church of Jesus in Roswell Ga. He is also a proud husband and father.

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