• The Obamas Caught Sniggling With Bill Murray and Townson University Game

    November 27, 2011 12:22 pm Comments Off on The Obamas Caught Sniggling With Bill Murray and Townson University Game
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  • As if there is nothing more annoying than seeing the supposed leader with the free world be lazy like the rest of his people, perhaps it’s seeing him be lazy with a known socialist that’s even worse.

    Even when he had a job, I did not like Bill Murray.  And the fact that we have two snigglers like Barry and Momma Mamba convorting with this type of person at an institute of higher education is just bizarre.  With armies at his command, why would Obama not order Murray away from our nation’s youth.  Bill Murray was not there to promote anything but socialist behavior, drug use and drug fueled touching sessions.  Murray is trying to destroy the lives of America’s future, one by one.  Need to see what Murray does for a living now?

    That is creepy behavior.  It’s rumored that on a brisk Brooklyn afternoon, you may find two musky, weathered hands smothering your face from behind.  You will try to lash out and expect to see a mugger, but instead you see something worse:  Bill Murray.

    He will give you that sly, smug smile and deliver a line:  “No one will ever believe you”.  You’ll wonder what has possessed this man to accost you but quickly be distracted by a ‘sticky residue’ his face fondle has brought to your day.

    The Obamas are friends with this type of person, America.  These people like sniggling with the likes of Bill Murray and any snigglers like that must be kicked out of the White House, if you catch my drift.



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