• The Russian War on Emosexuals

    November 18, 2011 8:03 pm 41 comments
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  • Russia Joins the War on Emosexuals!!!

    It has amazed me over the last few months, who has become an ally with me in the war against emosexuality that I set out upon just a few long months ago. Emosexualism is a danger not just to the Good Old USA but to the world and now people are finally seeing it for what it is. Some of those people live in Russia. Not to long ago Russians were the bad guys. They were dirty God hating commies that wanted to destroy our way of life and spread communism. Well today we come yet one step closer to being world allies in the War on Emos.

    Want to know what an EMOSEXUAL? Click Here.

    It is being reported, that Russia is going to ban being emo. What a wonderful idea! I only wish the liberal fascists in Washington, could be men enough to do something like that here.

    “The point of the bill is so that by 2020, Moscow will have someone to rule its government, This is the first step in the public discourse.” Said Alexander Grishunin, an adviser to bill sponsor Yevgeny Yuryev.

    I have been preaching this for months. What kind of world can we expect, when these whiny kids come to power? They will be busy complaining about North Korea and Iran bullying them when they should be sending in Seal Team 6 to smite them. I fear for the world that my grand kids and great grand kids will live in when it is ruled by President Beersack. You think that the world laughs at us now with a half black as president, imagine what they will say behind our backs when they don’t know if Pres. Beersack is male or female!

    Finally a world power agrees with me and sees emosexualism for what it is:

    Last month the State Duma held a hearing on “Government Strategy in the Sphere of Spiritual and Ethical Education”, a piece of legislation aimed at curbing “dangerous teen trends”. There…social conservatives lumped “emos” together with skinheads, pushing for heavy regulation of emo websites and the banning of emo and goth fashion from schools and government buildings.

    The new bill describes “emos” as 12-16 year-olds with black and pink clothing, studded belts, painted fingernails, ear and eyebrow piercings, and black hair with fringes that “cover half the face”. Emo culture’s “negative ideology” may encourage depression, social withdrawal and even suicide, the bill alleges – with young girls being particularly vulnerable.

    Bill co-author Igor Ponkin explained to the Moscow Times, “our actions are directed at those who also hurt themselves, commit suicide and promote those acts.”

    As one could expect , Russian Emo’s are whining about unfairly being “bullied” by the government that is just trying to do what is best for them. At Russian protests this weekend, teenagers wined about lawmakers who believe their lack of fashion sense, and community, are just as bad as being criminals and Nazis. Thousands of black-clad emosexuals marched in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, where the commie government is quickly passing anti-emosexual legislation.

    “How can you stop people from expressing themselves, from dressing how they like, from living a way of life that doesn’t harm anyone?” asked a whiny emo on REN TV. Others emos held signs stating “Kill the State in Yourself”,”A Totalitarian State Encourages Stupidity”, “Emosexual Now, Emosexual Forever”, “Black & Proud” and “We’re Here, Andy’s Queer, and We Don’t Care”.

    I can only sit and pray that America, looks at Russia for this ground breaking legislation and launch it’s own race to finally end emos for once and for all, just like Russia’s Sputnick Launched us into the modern space race.

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