• THE WORKS OF EVIL: Andrew Hussie’s Devil Worship.

    November 13, 2011 6:42 pm 141 comments
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    This is a comprehensive paper on the sinful nature of the “web comic” known as Homestuck. A term better suited for a cesspool of disgusting, amoral filth such as this would be a “hell pathway” as reading and embracing this Devil’s work is a certain one way trip to the darkest pit.

    Homestuck is authored by a man known as Andrew Hussie. A more fitting term for this wretch would be “Shamdrew Hussatan” as his entire Dark Ruse is a mere ploy to appease the lord which he serves. I have never seen any evidence of him attending a Christian church, so therefore we must assume that his work is the work of the Destroyer, Satan of Hell.
    My children heard about this in their youth retreat some weeks ago. I watch them and guide them like any servant of Him would do, but I also wish to let them explore the world. My children live with me in our house stationed behind my ministry. They are faithful souls and even the youngest child (Kristi, 24) has been allowed to leave the front yard and retrieve the mail from the mailbox on her own due to having been raised in the Light of the Lord. Nothing could sway her. That is, until Homestuck.

    The body of this paper will discuss the sinful nature of this demonic tapestry of violence, sodomy, and general depravity against Him and document the horrors caused by this “Shamdrew” on the youths of America.
    I will open with this verse:
    “You must not have any other god but me.”- Exodus 20:3

    Homestuck centers on the creation of a Hellscape via a video game known as “SBRB”. Aside from the fact all video games are violent, uncouth, and teach sin and depravity, the nature of the game is to spit in the face of Our Lord. The main character, John Egbert, intentionally named after a biblical entity to further spit on all that is right, seeks to become God in order to create the universe in his own sinful, orgy filled, primitive, ignorant manner.

    He learns how to become god via a demon or “Troll” known as Vrickers who is a depraved sexual deviant from “Atlantia” the home of the “Trolls”

    This is clearly an obvious stab at all the is Right. A demon helping a godless heathen attain “god” status? Blasphemy without further explanation. “Shamdrew” likely is very confident with his brain washing scheme, so an obvious ploy like this goes over the head of his feebleminded slaves.

    The next section centers around the perversion in Homestuck. My oldest sun, Ben (37) was speaking to my other two twin children, Nicky (31) and Steven (31), and was telling a lewd joke about a “pail” which is a Troll or “devil” metaphor, for unprotected same sex premarital intercourse.

    You see fellow parent, the goal of the “Trolls” is to force the humans who are already to corrupt into a frenzied orgy, thus earning Dark “Kismessis” Energy for their “Negative” version of Jesus Christ, The Sufferer.

    Do not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)
    Yes! Do NOT commit adultery! Do not let Shamdrew force your children into his crazed game of “Buckets” that the “Trolls” invented. The sigils on their chest designate their rank. The closer to Tyrian Purple, the more souls tainted. Fifi, the most popular, queen of the trolls, is a master adulteress and on her “page update” she has subliminal messages that encourages adultery.

    My daughter, Em (33) has perhaps been changed the most by this Homestink atrocity. She used to mind herself quietly in her Children’s Room with the boys and her sisters and look at her Donald Duck toys. She loved ducks as a whole, but after Homestink infected our house, she has changed. She now back talks, informs me “about the stairs” (likely stairs to HELL) and says “It keeps happening” likely because Homestuck opened a door to Hell in a metaphoric sense and Satan is overcoming her.

    Homestuck’s use of music in it’s “Flash” animations contains satanic messages that weaker minds not as faithful as one like mine, succumb to. Case in point please click here at your own risk and play backwards:

    How do I live without you SATAN is a more fitting title. When played backwards, I, in my own opinion heard “Come…..into the dark…………death to…………..light…” and backwards Satanic garble. I blame this “music team” for this intentional brain control. These Malicious Minstrels are simply Shamdrew’s puppets and I would advise all parents to destroy their speakers immediately.

    Lastly, I present:

    You also took the fine jewelry I gave you, the jewelry made of my gold and silver, and you made for yourself male idols and engaged in prostitution with them.- Ezekiel 16:17

    This sums up this Homestink without question. Shamdrew takes money for his risqué clothing items shown below, and uses them to create a mindless body of prostitute devil worshippers to fulfill the will of the “Sufferer” or, Satan.

    The prostitution rags in question.

    Each rag contains an unholy sigil to show the child’s allegiance to the Dark One, Shamdrew.

    Parents I urge you, stop Homestink. Burn your computers, lock your doors, and pray. The end is near thanks to this depraved piece of stink-rot.

    God bless.

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