• Things Wrong In America: Tan Toddler Cheerleaders and Pageant Moms

    November 14, 2011 12:25 pm 2 comments
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  • There was a point in time when publically dressing your daughters as followed would have resulted in parents having sense slapped into their brains:

    Above is what I supposed to be an image from one of the new “Toddlers and Tiaras” type of shows. Here we see a child is baked like a Thanksgiving hen and is showing off her ‘tan line’. What purpose does a child have in modeling off her tan line?

    Sure, America is said to be a nation of prudes but there is no reasonable explanation for these television shows where our nation’s toddler daughters are prancing around like Vegas showgirls. Does anyone remember the general shock when the Jonbenet Ramsey case made national headlines?

    People were concerned that pageants existed where girls were dolled up to look far too old for their age. The girls wore short skirts and ‘glam’ to capture the eyes of judges as they paraded around on stage, in what looked to be not much better than the most racy parts of the Miss America pageant.

    The image above is terrifying because when you considered where our sensibilities were just 20 years ago as a society, we have come leaps and bounds in a downward spiral direction. I could only wish there was some hope that we would revert and not allow shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and whatever other show where parents are baking the flesh of their daughters to win some ridiculous competition would go away. But I fear it will only get worse.

    Just like Snooki gets the television show “Jersey Shore’ higher ratings by doing no-panties cartwheels in the middle of clubs and hopping into bed with every other ‘juicehead’ she meets, these television show producers are shocking the sensibilities of what should be angry parents into tuning in and being mesmerized by the ridiculous antics of what seem to be overzealous mothers blind to everything else but living out their pathetic lives vicariously through their exploited children.

    I find these shows to be very distasteful and fear for the future of America because degraded ethics in media.

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