• Tiger Woods Dead

    November 10, 2011 9:31 pm 6 comments
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    Tiger Woods Dead News Shocks the World, But Only Death is Spiritual and Physical

    Action alerts to the MoralAlert Network queried us about Tiger Woods Dead. The fact of the matter is that Tiger Woods is physically alive and well, though he may have lost a bit of his soul and game.

    As we all know, Tiger Woods cheated on us some time ago by pretending he was a good family man with a big Watermelon smile and great Stanford eduction. We let him play golf and become a great celebrity, being a role model to our children and inspiring commercials where children innocently proclaimed “I Am Tiger Woods!”

    How many of your children do you want tiger mauling the backsides of a diseased flesh fish monger! Women of the streets! Bed maidens! Sally slap daisies! Hooker whores!

    That is the legacy of Tiger Woods. He cheated on his beautiful Caucasian wife Eileen Nordgren as if he should not have been honored to marry a woman of her genetic caliber, but then he even cheated on his children. Then when we asked him about it, he dared give a smug response and claim it was his business! Sorry, buckaroo! When you dally into our lives with our Nike branding and G2 Gatorade pouring down our throats, it is too late to pull that card!

    Tiger Woods has been cursed. It is the same curse fallen to Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher, John Edward and Bill Clinton. All these men will see great harm because we’ve accused them of playing adulter dabbler false tattler and that is against the Bible and God. Tiger Woods Dead alright, in his morality.

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