• What Is Clark Kent’s Birth Name?

    November 21, 2011 7:01 pm 9 comments
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  • Many people try to argue that comic books are not some perverted liberal ploy to introduce violence and homosexuality into the lives of otherwise moral children. For years, the Christian Right has recognized that comics are an inherent danger to the moral fabric of this great nation. We’ve all heard the stories about how kids would be pommeled on the backside for sneaking comic books under cover and reading them by flashlight.

    Today’s focus will be Superman. We will only need to ask what is Clark Kent’s birth name to come to a conclusion that Superman’s entire existence is like any other comic book character: to be anti-Christian, and therefore, anti-morality.

    Superman Disrespects the Cross of Christ Superman is a Gary Stu fabricated Jewish attempt to ruin the mental splendor and feats of Christ to a young generation of Americans. When thinking about the eyelasers and incredible stregnth of Superman, children are not as mentally enthralled when they see the feats of Christ in the New Testament. This Sheister and Seigel technique to ruin Christ in America is being further capitalized by atheists who currently own and operate DC Comics.

    The first thing to understand about Superman is it is the fantastical story of some amazing sky god with a Messiah complex who can fly all around saving lives, shooting lasers from his eyes and lifting entire islands overhead in the process. It is all ridiculous and far-fetched, and all made to demean the awesome miracles of Christ in the Bible.

    Clark Kent’s birth name in comics is “Kal-el”.  This literally means “Strong God”.  The Jewish creators of Superman, Sheister and Seigel, are trying to ‘one-up’ our God of America.

    They were trying to say this creation of theirs is stronger than God, which is impossible.  How can one be stronger than he who is omnipotent?

     And even with all the blasphemy in the story of Superman, there was still a potential for the character to be used for good.  After the Comics Code Authority forced writers to temporarily stop advocating homosexuality and the drug use so prevalent in that community, Superman was temporarily used to respresent “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

    But these moral Christian-born values for Superman did not last.  After great World War II comics where Superman visibly slapped Nazis and even better the Japanese, he quickly descended back into chaotic anti-family antics such as blatant homoeroticism, drug-use, communist apologetics and even advocating Batman’s questionable and ongoing ‘relationship’ of coddling, wound nurturing and midnight leather fetish time with a smooth stockinged ward named Dick Grayson (Robin).

    These developments in the ‘legacy’ of Superman should not be surprising.  We must remember that Superman was initially be created to be a character to ‘out-do’ God, and as such, never had any moral bearing since inception.

    Many long-time comics fans will dissent, stating that Superman is not a paramount advocate of homosexuality and anti-Christianity, even when confronted with over 70 years of facts to the contrary.

    Whether it is bending Batman to his ‘iron’ will or taking daytime trysts to Gay City, where he makes innuendo and takes suggestive poses on the city’s structures, burning subliminal homoerotic desires right into the vivid minds of comic readers, Superman definitely does not stand for morality.

    Clark Kent’s birth name may be a testament of typical atheist disrespect and oppression of Christian’s rights to live in a country where we are not tormented and taunted, but his legacy is one of destruction and damnation of souls.

    Even in the newest Superman movie, we see that this character is the biggest ploy to recruit moviegoers to homosexuality and by result, away from Christ and therefore traditional American mores and values.

    In this picture, you would think the notoriously gruff “suptertop” of leatherdaddy homosexuality Joe My God was walking the catwalk outside He Said She Said TV.  Despite appearances, the man below is not some West Hollywood homeless scruff-scat meister who gives you a happy bobo and reach around Charlie for some smokes and a hot coffee.  It is supposed to be Superman.  Why does it look like Mr. Glamour for Gaychest Weekly?

    This is not the Superman that parents are lead to believe heads DC Comics.  Parents assume that Superman is out fighting evil businessmen, obligatory alien menaces who cannot resist an urge to travel lightyears through space to just wipe out Washington DC.  This is what Superman is truly all about.

    Do you really want your hormone laced teeanged daughter watching this for an hour or two with her boyfriend?

    This should tell you what the movie is all about.  It’s sick, disgusting and not right.  What is Clark Kent’s name?  Perverted.


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