• What Is The 11-11-11 Meaning

    November 10, 2011 9:52 pm 5 comments
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    As many of you may be well aware, here is what atheists expect will happen to Earth in 2012:

    In the make pretend world of atheism, where up is down and Dawkins, gays are normal and Dawkins is their mangod, Armageddon was predicted by Ancient Incans 30,000 years ago (like Eath can be that old) and it is in 2012 that we all shall die at the hands of crazed aliens.

    Now for us rational and smart people, this seems completely absurd. But you must recalled that these drug toking idiots furiously smoke ‘magic mint’ and want to make it legal everywhere. Atheists have no love for Christ so how can they have any love or respect for themselves. Atheists are vile people who push drugs, brutalize the morality of society and will burn in hell for their sins.

    On 11-11-11 I highly suggest everyone stay inside, because from what I can gather on Facebook atheists plan to ‘let Bacchus loose’ on that day. Bacchus was a loud-mouthed Roman who much like Dawkins, disrespected God. Bacchus loved to ravage anyone he met on the street, man, woman or young, which makes one thing he was likely a gay.

    He feasted on unhealthy amounts of food and was wealthy with greed. This man was one of the first proclaimed atheists and did his best to ensure before humanity ended, there would be one major and final celebration of debauchery.

    Atheists figure that “Bacchus’ Final Bash’ would be theirs and with 2012 around the corner, they expect the math of the Mexicans to prevail, even though the Bible tells us no man knows the day or hour of Armageddon.

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