• Why Are Liberals Searching for Erin Andrews Cleavage, Is Nancy Grace and Dancing with the Stars To Blame

    November 10, 2011 9:25 pm 1 comment
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  • Erin Andrews Cleavage Exposure Fault of Nancy Grace and Dancing with the Stars Culture

    It would seem that the utterly horrible milkflap exposure of Nancy Grace is coming back to haunt morality once again. It was only several weeks ago when I was blinded by the thundering flaps of skin of a woman known as Nancy Grace.

    Nancy Grace is usually moral and loudly yells her opinion as fact, which I can respect. That is just good journalism.

    But the problem is 1) a womean with a big mouth 2) a hypocrite. She already knew that in America, women should keep their feeding sacks covered, especially the spout. Yet she exposed herself on Dancing with the Stars and riled my anger. What gets me real good is that Obama proudly thought it was awesome when Janet Jackson exposed her mocha mommas to all of America and ruined the Super Bowl, but yet could not let us all see the nice images of Osama bin Laden exploded and dead?

    The values are all messed up. The good images they don’t let us see but we are forced to let our children see all this nonsense. I digress but had to get that off my chest.

    Now there was a peephole video about Erin Andrews many of you may recall from several months back. Andrews was stalked by some twaddle happy liberal and he tried to make a profit of posting the video, but we prayed and made everyone’s computer freeze up because Erin Andrews is a good woman and deserves her privacy.

    So for you sickos looking for her Dancing with the Stars exposure, too bad! I’ve already taken the liberty of writing a nice letter to DWTS to tell them females she wear leotards or sweats, and baggier leggings.

    I also told them to make sure everyone is proper gender on there if they want to keep their ratings up, or I will unleash prayer and crucial falls in ratings, dancers and judges will follow.

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