• Why Won’t Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Stick up for Herman Cain?

    November 7, 2011 2:01 pm 29 comments
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  • As the liberal media tirelessly works to derail the Cain Train, it seems that the most ardent defenders of black politicians are surprisingly mum on the issue.  As we’ve learned since the reign of Obama, there are two loud-mouthed jesters that look for every opportunity to play the “black card”.   Who’s on deck?

    Anxiously playing Lord Kryptonian over every situation that involves melanin enriched individuals as long as they are democrats, Cain and Sharpton love to look down on people and take the high road.

    They will literally show up and defend just about every black you can think of, even if the black person doesn’t look too black anymore.

    Yet, when Herman Cain is facing false accusations of smear-tactic sexual harassment claims, these two supermen of radical punditry have nothing to say on the issue.

    Cain is being victimized by left-wing political scheming.  Liberals understand that there is a bit of natural racism that exist in America.  When a black man is accused of sexual harassment, it will raise certain “surprise, surprise” rolled eyebrows from the main voting black of America, Caucasians.

    When Jackson and Sharpton should be swinging from the rafters and calling foul, they have not made one appearance in favor of Cain.  Since when is the Civil Rights movement a matter of partisan politics?  Did it not take a historic pairing of Democrats and key Republicans to overcome Jim Crowe laws and make a national standard that made separate and equal a thing of this nation’s racist past.

    There is a double standard in this country.  Herman Cain has already addressed the bogus claims of being filed against him, by the liberal media and even the increasingly questionable Rick Perry.  But liberals are still hammering away at him, making this 15-year-old brewed lie into a hopeful ‘scandal’ for themselves.  The Democrats are barely stomaching Obama, so they could never live with the prospect of a strong black man named Herman Cain taking office.

    While it seems odd, we must remember these are the same people who demonized President Bush but were absolutely fine with:

    A president telling lies under oath.

    Or how about that time:

    A sure-win Democrat presidential candidate decided to cheat on his wife as she lay near dead from cancer, used America’s money to cover up his scandal and lied about it, and then after his wife died, went against her wishes and made a family with his mistress.

    These are the faces of the Democrat party.  Democrats tolerate Obama because he is weak and has white ancestry.  The biggest realization everyone must remember is that Democrats do not care about progress for black people.  They care about getting tax money into their pockets and bogus money-scheming organizations and government bureaus. 

    Let’s end this all with a quote from Lyndon B. Johnson to tell you about the Democrat Party Platform.  Don’t think Jackson or Sharpton having black skin is their ultimate driving force.  Before anything else, they are about money and token politics.

    Lyndon B. Johnson, democrat president who was in office during the “Civil Rights Act”, please tell us why Democrats decided to suddenly support equal rights:

    “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler’s Book, “Inside The White House

    Well congratulations, Lyndon Johnson, it looks like your racist prophesy was correct.  The blacks are slapping good ol’ yessuh massah watermelon grins on their faces and falling for your scheme.  Blacks are mistaking affirmative action, urban housing and inner-city school money laundering for genuine concern.

    C0ngratulations, Lyndon Johnson, because you’re a prophet:


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