• Winnie the Pooh is now controlled by The Homo Gay Agenda

    November 2, 2011 6:51 pm 8 comments
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  • My stomach churns and bubbles with disgust right now!  You can see Poo Bear is playing mouth pogo with Tigger’s spring twaddle and Piglet is going for reverse feline finger fest tail excitement!  You better bet they are implying Christopher Robin is picturing all this vile display of gay agenda and my bowel churn!  These animals are doing all the cardinal gay acts and it is only the cover!

    Why ams Poo Bear never wearing pants!  Because he’s Mr. Gay Homobear!  Hello, Joe My God avatared!

    In the back we see the obligatory gay tub of enema bubbles!  Gays love a good enema because it makes them feel their fecal delight is lemon scented goodness!  These soap suds bandits are using children’s cartoons to make their agenda seem friendly to our children!

    For those who do not know, Winnie the Pooh is the story of a homosexual bear who lives in a forest of England named 100 acre wood.  In his forest are ‘pillar archetypes’ of the gay community:

    1.  Poo Bear – Represents the breed of gays known as “Grizzled Bears“.  Bears are named such because they are usually ‘brown’ like poo doo due to their lust for plungering the backsides of other men.  They usually get excited like a cat in heat when they see someone doing a poopy squat pose.

    2.  Rodger Rabbit – aka Butthump Rabbit in the gay community, Represents “chutney ferrets”, that is the breed of gays who like to put animals in their intestines and have them ‘ferret’ about.

    3.  Pygmy Piglet – “twinky” This type of gay has smooth, oiled skin and usually plays the innocent victim ‘power bottom’ for the swiping bear grizzlies. 

    4. Tigger – “Urban Meat”.  Tigger represents a rhymed word and that is why he always jumps around with endless energy and is more athletic than the other animals.  Tigger shows gays are also usually racist.

    5. Christopher Robin – For every 1 gay, four people who look just like Christopher Robin are dillied!  Gays are a danger predator to everyone, especially our sons and daughters!

    6.  Ornery Owl – A feathered gay, Ornery Owl represents “silver daddies”, the gays of strong swagger, liqour and wallet.  Imagine Sean Connery in a pink fedora, slipping your your 7th cosmo with one hand and another hand up your sprawled backside!  It’s okay, he’s taking you to Cabo afterward!  Sickos! 

    These gay predators are making this filth and putting it in book, selling their shirts in Walmart and making our children dig into the honeypots of homosexuality by the lapping handful!  Every page of this book is soaked with homosexual perversion if you look deep enough!

    I could only wish it were 300 years ago, because I would warn you all and we would grame torches and burn the libraries where this filth is sold!  My fingers are trembling so hard right now I CAN HARDLY SEE STARIGHT!

    If I could just write myself in there with a Paul Bunyan axe right now because I would tear through 100 acre wood in rage!   Bye bye trees!  Bye bye silly old bear how about letting Tigger play honey snake’s amazing chocolate adventure!  There is nothning but exotic, erotic creatures in these books and they must all burn in fires!  Disgusting!

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