• ‎70 Years ago, China and their allies attacked America at Pearl Harbor. We will never forget, China.

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    Chinese emperor Hugh Jintao walks in front of his army on December 7, 2011.  In a scary speech, an uncharacteristically wide-eyed Jintao wildly brandished his arms and demanded China build the world’s most powerful navy, implying that China’s blood dragon army will once again rise to scorch America again.

    China is a terrifying nation that threatens to murder you dead.  There is not a day that a Chinese child is allowed to go without dreaming of world domination.  China is a nation of secret power and anger, slowly stockpiling male soldiers who are being trained to trample upon the throats of every American child and stab a family samurai deep into the heart of America’s war weary soldiers.

    American liberals of today are as naive as they were in 1941.  They fail to understand the deep, dark hatred that festers in the cold, calculating heart of every pureblooded Chinese national.  Franklin Roosevelt was warned that the Chinese yearned for American blood and world domination.  He did not listen.  And today, we have another president who bows before the greatest threat to America.

    I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I am not racist.  You should feel the same way too.  You should also be extremely concerned that 70s years after 3,000 American children had their lives ripped away by Chinese, the sitting US president still submits to this Mongolian muy thai wielding horde of fury.

    Obama bows before The Chinese Imperial Star Empire’s High Commander Hu Jintao in Washington, DC, at the “Nuclear Security Summit”.  Obama is allowing a country that we had to nuke into peace only 70s years ago to stockpile dangerous nuclear weapons that they will use to kill us all dead.  China used American airplane technology to stab young American in the back 70 years ago.  What does Obama think they will do with planes and nuclear bombs?

    Today, China announced that they will build a navy to ‘force America out of the Pacific’.  The BBC was the first news organization to break the bad news to the Western world.  Hu’s Jintao only words about the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor:

    Chinese Emperor’s Speech to his Navy on December 7, 2011

     Hu JintaoPrepare for war.” - Source, BBC News

    Chinese Supreme Chancellor Hu Jintao meeting with new Nazis, plotting a new scheme to overtake the world with fire and terrors unknown.

    Good friends and readers, we are truly living in cruel days.  Evil hours.  This is a terrifying time to have children and a husband who can be called into war with China.  If you read about the Chinese massacre at Nanking, you will be horrified to learn about all the evils committed.  If the Chinese make it here, they will do ten times as worse to us with all their new technology.

    There is not much we know about China beside the most terrifying.  From the time it is even a blastocyst, written into the heart and future of every Chinese child is a legacy of destruction.   China is the last true threat to world peace in an era that has been dominated by American wisdom and grace.

    As the last few months have proved, not even the terrorists can undo the peace we created when we saved Europe from Nazis and ourselves from the demented hands of a heartless Asian aggressor.   But there is one Asian who will never go away and live in awe and compliance of America like every other nation:  China.

    Even though we ordered China to not develop weapons, they have.  They have made these weapons so they can spill the blood of every American man.  They want to ravage the wombs of all us American women.  And I will not bring you parents the nightmare of what they want to do to the trembling bodies of your precious children.

    Instead, let us take time to fear the horrible war machines the Chinese have created to kill us:

    Segway Death Squads:

    The Chinese know that without the threat of war, many Americans are not in ‘the best shape’.  Not that their is anything wrong with that.  To exploit our weaknesses, they will ride around on segways as we try to escape their 2 billion serial murderer troops, but we will all fall exhausted. And they will buzz up on their solar powered death gliders and shoot us with their mounted pistols.

    Chinese Death Vans

    Chinese police lead a condemned man into a special execution van, where he will be put to death immediately following his sentencing by the court

    After returning from a mission trip to Beijing, Pastor Jack Gould reported that he saw what was a ‘Death Van’ in China.  According to the now renown “Gould Report”, Jack revealed that he witnessed Chinese Christians being herded into ‘death vans’ in public view.  It is said that these vans dragged the victims away to government laboratories, where their bodies were used for experimentation and salvage parts for China’s heartless military.

    This story warranted more international investigation from our affiliates and is now a recognized humanitarian threat.  China will bring their death vans to America to sell out our parts to the highest bidders.

    Evil Chinese Women

    For every bad thing you can imagine a Chinese man would do to you if he crawled through your window, finding your gentle body sleeping under light silk covers and prone to the worst exploitations.  Just think, the women of China are 20 times worse.

    They rip female fetus’ from their womb and throw them in the garbage.  They only want sons.  It is said Chinese females are created only under government control, only the strongest and most evil allowed to live past puberty.  These woman are coy and meticulous, each a malevolent assassin who will do her best to murder your family.  Every citizen in China can be used as a weapon.

    This small peak into China has undoubtedly left you frightened, just how our grandparents felt when they learned America was attacked some 70 years ago.

    But as we sit again on the eve of war, our Pacific coast again open to an unprecedented attack from an evil aggressor, we must remind these Beijing bee sting saki monsters of one thing.  GOD is on our side.

    GOD gave us the power to firebomb Tokyo.  GOD gave our American scientists the power to build a weapon so powerful, that even Stalin’s icy heart warmed under the fear of receiving a taste of fiery American fury.

    And so it shall be again.  As long as America remains a Christian nation where atheists do not dominate, we shall be once again rise above our enemies.  And they shall once again bow before our power and might.

    They will bow down to us for another 70 years.

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