• 1 in 5 Dentists in North York Support Obamacare

    December 15, 2011 6:44 am 3 comments
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  • According to new survey results from the American Council on Responsible Medicine, one in five dentists in North York of Toronto, Canada, do not support the nation’s social healthcare policy.

    Pete McGillvery, DDS, in North York for over 15 years weighed in on the subject.  “Imagine that you are a postal carrier in The States.  You receive 1000s of letters per day that you must deliver.  No matter how quick, thorough or efficient you may be in delivering those letters, the next day you will receive a nearly equal amount of letters that you must deliver.  Some letters are probably more important to deliver than others, but since everyone gets free delivery all will be delivered with the same priority.  Now make those letters into patients and you see the problem.  All of my patients get free service.  They show up in droves and some have important issues, some have minor.  In all the masses of patients I see, it becomes a blur.  Who cares who has what?  I will still get my salary, 1000s of people will be in the next day and many of them had to keep their pains for months.  There is no incentive, there is no differencial in service.  We’re all overloaded.”

    That testimony in itself can become a nightmare in an America that has over 300 million people and a declining working population.  America is meant to be a nation that works for a living, not mooches.  Obamacare will cripple this nation and leave us like the poor dentists in North York who are trying to stand against socialism in Canada.

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