• 10 Questions for Aetheists, Evolutionists, and Homogay Agenda Supporters

    December 23, 2011 6:03 pm 195 comments
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  • I realize there are people out there with all kinds of BELIEFS…. But I don’t really get it. So, I decided to asking some questions I had for atheists, evolutionists and homogay agenda supporters.

    Christians = Tell me what you think of my questions. I’m sure most Christians have these questions for the unsaved. Leave some other questions you have in the comments!

    Atheists = Please be civil. I have taken some time to come up with these questions so please don’t just yell and scream like crazy

    people. Leave your answers to these questions in the comments if you like!

      1. Why won’t you admit that your evolutionism is a religion?

      2. If evolution is only in the theory-stage of the scientific method, then why do you so fervently believe in it? Isn’t that jumping the gun?

      3. You always claim that we have no evidence for God. But I ask you, isn’t the notion that truth requires evidence evidence for God existing?

      4. Why do you insist on taking harmless prayer out of school? Why does my relationship with God bother you so much?

      5. Why do evolutionists defend homogay rights so much when their very own science tells them that they have to improve our species through pro-creation? Homosexuals cannot pro-create together, so doesn’t that make them a waste of space in evolotionists eyes?

      6. What do you think the consequences in Hell will be for living a pro-abortionist lifestyle?

      7. If you are so sure that humans are animals, then why don’t you call your local Department of Motor Vehicles and ask them if animals can obtain driver’s licenses?

      8. Why do you make fun of Christians when we discuss the Rapture? Go on Youtube and watch animations of the Rapture over and over three hours straight. If you do, every train horn, thunder, and other loud sound will make your heart skip. Pretty scary isn’t it

      9. Why do you think that believing in creation is an “easy,” non-intelligence route? The evidence for creation isn’t just offered to you. You must first reach a level of intelligence that is capable of comprehending it. By the looks of it, most atheists are a LONG way off. You believe “nothing” just exploded into a bunch of monkey men.

      Why do you think it’s okay to have shows like “All-American Muslims”


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    Nicholas Tadmor Isn't the fact that proof requires evidence evidence for God existing? Think about it Atheists. I am Christian student getting a good education

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