• 5 Emosexual Bands You’ve Never Heard of That Will Send You To Hell

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    As you all know I have written about many emosexual bands that will send any child that listens to them to hell. My fight against Emosexuality has been long and arduous. I have suffered countless attacks from them over the past few months but will never give up preaching the truth about this horrible sin.

    Besides the bands that I have already written about there are countless others. I will now list 5 that you have probably never heard of but are just as dangerous and just as evil. Here are 5 Emosexual Bands You’ve Never Heard of That Will Send You To Hell.

    I BETTER be getting a royalty check because I am suing somebody.

    Panic! At The Disco

    Panic! at the Disco is an American Emomusic group, formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005. It’s members are comprised of Brendon Urine (lead vocals, guitar, piano) and Spencer Smith (drums), and Ryan Ross (guitar) and Jon Walker (bass) left the group in 2009. It is assumed that the two that left dis so because they knew what a horrible impact the group was having on youth. They are known for such sinful songs with horrible immoral message such as:

    “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage” encouraging the unforgivable sin of suicide
    “Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” Teaching girls to sin
    “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” Uses the lords name in vain multiple times, “video below” mocks Christianity and marriage
    “Build God, Then We’ll Talk” Anti-Christianity
    “Let’s Kill Tonight” obvious meaning
    “Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…)” encouraging witch craft

    WARNING: The following video depicts graphic scenes of emosexuality, please send all unsaved souls from the room.

    Tokio Hotel

    Tokio Hotel is a emosexual band from Germany, formed by Bill Kaulitz, and Tom Kaulitz, homosexual gay men that married one another. After recording their first demo-CD named “Devilish” Sony BMG Germany fired them. Unfortunately other companies did not have the moral fiber of Sony BMG. This is one of the few bands that have had to pay for what they have done. After turning one little girl into a devil emo the emosexual child decided to stalk the band. Beating up ones mother and getting into a slap fight at a gas station with the other. They are know for such horrible acts of emo musical sins against god as: A bunch of songs in German. Since I am not a nazi I don’t speak that foreign language.

    WARNING: The girl singer is a transgendered ex-man homogay

    A Day To Remember

    Is not the day that you got baptized but is actually in this form, a emosexual band from Ocala, Florida. Founded in 2003 by guitarist Tom Dinny and drummer Bobby Scruggs. Unfortunately the Scruggs is not related to Blue grass legend Earl Scruggs, if he were the band might have some talent. These sinful souls have recorded such sinful songs as:

    “You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance” Teaching emo kids how to dress
    “If Looks Could Kill” teaching emo kids how to dress
    “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle” Teaching kids to bomb the conservative North West section of their home state of Florida which is called the panhandle
    “Fast Forward to 2012″ A song revealing in the upcoming apocalypse and Armageddon
    “Speak of the Devil” A love song to the devil
    “Show ‘Em the Ropes” A song about hanging christians
    “I Heard It’s the Softest Thing Ever” A ballad to a woman’s lady bits
    “Start the Shooting” Shooting people with conservative values
    “This Is the House That Doubt Built” Mocking christianity

    WARNING: This video depicts graphic shots of Ron Jeremy’s ugly face, and large emo ear holes.

    Born of Osiris

    From Palatine, Illinois, this group formed in 2003, has gone though a number of names including Your Heart Engraved, DiminisheD, and Rosecrance before finally settling with Born of Osiris in 2007. A pagan un-christian name based on the name of the Egyptian deity Osiris. The group is signed to equally un-christian named Sumerian Records. Their sinfest includes such demonic chart toppers as:

    “Singularity” Puts science above God
    “Ascension” Mocking christians working to attain an afterlife in heaven
    “Rebirth” mocks christians being reborn in christ (i.e. baptism)
    “Now Arise” mocks Jesus
    “Live Like I’m Real” mocks Jesus

    Warning: The following video contains a possessed by Satan singer and guitar.

    Suicide Silence

    Formed in 2002, Suicide Silence is an emosexual band from Riverside, California. The group consists of Mitch Licker, and Dan Kenny and mexicans Chris Garza, Mark Heylmun, and Alex Lopez. I remember back in the 80’s we were trying to stop bands from getting kids to kill theirselves. Now bands are talking about it out right and are even putting it in their names. What in the world has happened to our white christian society? Here are their most evil songs:

    “Hands of a Killer” Promotes violence
    “The Fallen” About Satan
    “No Pity for a Coward” mocks jesus for turning the other cheek
    “Wasted” encourages drug use
    “No Time To Bleed” questioning god
    “You Only Live Once” mocking Jesus for his reserection
    “F*ck Everything” obscene
    “March to the Black Crown” Promoting Satanism

    WARNING: This video depicts graphic scenes of violence. But it is against emosexuals so it is not that bad. Bring back in the rest of the family.

    Please Parents , Pastors, and Teachers. If you find a child with these albums or itunes songs please destroy them or delete them and properly discipline the child with a brisk hand spanking upon the buttocks. For repeat offenders I recommend taking them over your knee with a belt or switch. Do your duty and be good parents. Please do your part to save America and make our future generation decent upstanding citizens.

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