• 5 things America can learn from Iran

    December 20, 2011 12:45 pm 32 comments

    Before I begin, my brothers, I must stress that I am not a liberal turncoat who wants to see Gods glorious nation turned into a land like Iran. Iran and by extention the rest of them middle eastern Asians are heretical heathens that go directly against God’s will as the sooner it is wiped off the face of the earth by a joint attack from America, Israel and God, the better! However, in the last 70 or so years America has slowly been eroded by atheist liberal sleeper cells, and our once godly land is now in risk of being doomed to hell along with the rest of the world. What then can be learned from a simpler land like Iran, evil as it is, let untouched by liberals?

    1: Unwilling to surrender to Homogays

    God is clear about his aversion and detest for Homogays In the holy bible yet, Liberals still continue to advocate such a hellbound path despite the scientifically proven facts. Rick Perry has warned us of the connection between homosexuality and the weakening of a nation, yet he is ignored by the mainstream liberal media. Liberals are quick to say that there is no proof for gay being a contagious disease, yet there is no proof for the contrary either, and the results of that would be the extinction of mankind combined with the damnation of their eternal souls.

    Iran, however, is wise to this threat, and the dangers of gay being spread throughout the population is suitably dealt with. Gay marriage is not an issue and it was recently announced by the president of Iran that the gay gene has been eradicated in Iran. While they are still certainly hellbound for being evil muslims, they will still certainly be getting a tick in Gods good books for this feat.

    2. Letting a good leader being allowed to rule for longer

    In the 30s and 40s president Roosevelt was allowed to serve for a total of 4 terms and it agreed that he would have been allowed to serve many more if not for his untimeley death. Liberals see no problem with this, but why is it when an equally good president that stands for Christian values such as George W Bush comes along, they cry foul? When Iranian president Mahmoud Ahminejad lost the election a few years ago, they realised that such a shift in power would put their country in danger, and refused to abdicate. Likewise, there was no reason that George Bush shouldn’t have been able to serve a third term, aside from beurocratic mumbo jumbo. If he had stayed in power the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be over and there would be no recession, but instead America has been cursed with a Kenyan Muslim ‘president’ instead.

    3. Standing up for their religion

    Iran stands up for its religion, even if it is one of camel worshipping pure evil. America on the other hand, is burdened with multi-culturalism, witch mostly serves only to discriminate against white christian americans. Iran on the other hand forbids its citizens from converting to another religion, and thus ensuring that everyone is patriotic. If America were to adopt similar laws, we could yet again become the Christian capital of the world as well as dealing with infiltration from other so called ‘religions’.

    4. Standing up to their neighboring countries

    America is surrounded by enemies that desire nothing but the destruction of our peace loving way of life. From godless canadians to the north and Mexicans in South America and Cuba to the south, America is well in the danger of being invaded due to Barrack Hussein Obamas liberal cowardice. Iran on the other hand is contantly threatening the godly nation of Israel. While it would be best if Israel were to destroy Iran and the heathens that live within, if America were to make similar threats to mexico and Canada, they rate of illegal immigration would no doubt plummet.

    5. Proximity to point of second coming of Christ.

    Iran is located in the middle east, and as such is close to where Christ is predicted to return in Israel. It is possible that when Jesus returns the jewish Israelites may attempt to prevent Americans from seeing him and learning his wisdom, or perhaps even try to crucify him again! After iran is destroyed America could colonise the country and turn it into our 53rd state, thus allowing a close proximity to jesus and giving America more control over our friends in Israel.

    I hope that I have convinced you with this powerful article and hope write many more. Merry Christmas and God Bless to all Americans.

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