• A Dangerous Distinction between Difference Marriage and Same Sex Marriage

    December 29, 2011 12:54 pm 21 comments

    2011 has been a banner year for the glittered Gay Agenda. In spite of courageous efforts of the conservative movement to preserve the sanctity of marriage with warnings of increased poverty and God’s wrath, the liberal mafia has thrust legalized same sex marriage down the gullet of an unsuspecting public. The success of the Gay Agenda to accomplish this wanton violation of marriage is the complete disregard of the hygienic disparity between Christian difference marriage and same sex marriage – razor gender segregation in the home.

    Much of the Christian identity comes from a clean shaven male leadership that depends on personal accountability to others and Christ. Being clean shaven is a duty to be taken seriously in the Christian home. It is an outward expression to the world that all is well in the home and spiritual life. Kept secret, separate and un-spoiled from feminine intervention, the man razor is a sacred icon of masculinity and the gift of supremacy granted him by virtue of his heterosexual penis, an attitude nurtured by his mother. The gender swapping of razors found in same sex marriage households is a disgusting and harmful violation of the hygienic backbone of Christian life.

    Razors for the hygienic removal of hair shall be kept separated by gender with no woman using the man razor for any activity. Ever. Exceptions are viewed as weak excuses for the purposes of enforcement of this declaration. Any disregard for this protocol will be met as threats to the sanctity of the home. Color coding by sex, with some fruity color for female and navy or black for male, is an acceptable product standard but is not to be accepted as substitute for a rigorous program that separates and assures that the man of the house has a un-desecrated razor available to him at his whim and fancy. – “Beecham Christian Home Formulary”. Vol I, Article 12, § 16. rev Jan 3, 1992.

    Razors, like human beings, are created male and female. A couple using the same gender razor is an abomination. What straight man would use pink, moisture stripped, Tropicana scented razors for the face without fear of becoming homosexual? As dangerous as second hand smoke, the Gay Agenda can wheedle into daily life without the vigilance of the faithful to seek out deviances such as razor gender comingling. To allow sharing of razors is to place the soul in ruin.

    Woman, as a defective daughter of Eve, is susceptible to the corruptive flirtation of razor sharing. Casually grabbed for a quick underarm shearing or leg shave in the sink and violated by steel like woman hair, the razor is corrupted and will gnaw the flesh from an unsuspecting man’s face. The man’s dishonored countenance must then go out unto the world, marred and dotted with pieces of paper tissue blotting his bloodied shame of transgression.

    A man in a Christian home with a robust razor segregation protocol is revered and respected. The proper Christian husband’s face glows with morality. His face is a billboard for righteousness that is mimicked by gay couples out of jealousy. This is dishonest and an important demarcation of the insidious nature of the Gay agenda.

    “And they cried aloud and cut themselves after their custom with swords and lances, until the blood gushed out upon them.” 1 Kings 18:28

    Same sex marriage couples have no need for razor segregation. Some may even boast of the absence of razor segregation as a feature or advantage of gay marriage as an incentive for young people to join in a gay blade gang. It is important for Christian parents to thwart this assault on the minds of children and teens with facts. The sharing of razors can not only lead to same sex encounters, but also leads to a life of crime in Florida. One woman was so overwhelmed with the cross sharing entitlement messaging from the Gay blade Agenda she smote her boyfriend on the head with a frying pan when he courageously stood firm for his right to a male only razor! She was appropriately jailed for her razor usurping crime. For the sake of our children and the indictments they may face in the future, it is important to provide a good foundation in razor gender awareness and education.

    Television, for all its foibles, is a good source of razor gender information. Discussing razor gender difference with teens while outlining the barbarism of using a razor that isn’t specifically designed for his or her gender is a great way to communicate family values that last a lifetime.

    Teen girls need to be taught to be good stewards of the Christian male and never, ever use a man’s razor to remove the wiry bamboo that grows rampant on her legs and under arms. Taking one’s teen daughter shopping and demonstrating good razor selection and procurement techniques are positive steps. Mother can outline the differences in frank conversations that include warnings of eternal strife and significant reduction of boys interested in a girl that violates the man razor.

    Male teens should be taught the secrets of subterfuge in razor segregation. How to duct tape a secret ‘man only’ razor under the sink is a great way to bond with even the most sullen teen. For the more tech savvy Dads, weekend projects to setup digital cameras for razor surveillance is something any teen boy will remember for a lifetime. It is such a shame gay couples with kids don’t have these kinds of opportunities.

    Through good parenting, leading by example and local ordinances criminalizing dangerous threat of razor switching, the sanctity of difference marriage and difference razors can be preserved. For faith, family and freedom we must stay vigilant and keep it smooth.

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