• Adele: A Talentless Fat and Ugly British Whorelot

    December 20, 2011 8:52 pm 113 comments

    Recently my grand daughter was playing music for me from her i-pod, most of it was trash but there was one song that I liked . It was “Rolling in The Deep” from a singer named Adele. I was happy to hear that the motown sound has come back into fashion. I loved it when it came out in the 1960′s. But the style hasn’t caught on since then. The next time I was at Wal-Mart I decided to go to the electronics and buy her C.d. Unfortunately I was very disapointed.

    What I thought was a good god fearing Detriot born American Black woman turned out to be a pathetically pastey faced, fat and ugly,woman from England! I think you all know how much I hate England. It is a island nations of sexual deviants, satanic pagans, and smug airidite sinners. If you doubt what I say please read my articles on England: “Sins of the British: Top Gear driving us off a Sin Cliff” and “London is Burning: Why God Hates England“.

    But as much as I hate England I would have still been happy to listen to it if it had been good. But it wasn’t. It was horrible. The only song on the C.D. even worth listening to was the “Rolling in the Deep” song and now that I know what that she is from England that means the song probably has some kind of sick sexual overtones that I dont get. Probably it means something like rolling around in the bed with your engorged sin stick stuck up her baby door. I am just guessing at what this filth could possibly mean.

    Even with it’s probable sex fetish meaning, it is the only song remotely worth listening to. On every other song on the album it sounds like she is trying to sing like a black woman being tortured to death. When will todays youth realize that singing is singing not going “whooooahhAHHHHHHHohhAHHHoooooAHHHHahahahahoh AH” That is not singing. If I wanted to buy an album of black people in pain I would buy R&B. But I do not want to listen to that, so I buy music from white people because they know how to actually sing. Take this song for instance after only two and a half minutes she runs out of words and just begins to whine.

    Now take this song for instance.She sounds like she is a fattened water buffalo ripe for the pigmy African slaughter. Fortunately since she is so tubby the village will live off of her for a week.

    So in conclusion in all good christian consciousness I can not recommend this singer Adele’s music to anyone. It is not out right sinful as emosexual music is but it just isn’t good.

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