• American Football is a Most Godly Sport

    December 21, 2011 11:06 am 52 comments

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    Cassidy Pen

    The Super Bowl trophy is God's reward to mortal Americans
    Just as the sunny summer turns colorful and the nip of autumn breezes fill the air, the popping of football pads along with the grunting of practice field participants can be heard as the first try-outs of the football season take place. Like the changing seasons, football’s lure is enticing and anticipated by Americans that love the wholesome camaraderie and thrilling action that football provides. Yet does anyone bother to contemplate the metaphor of football and the part it plays in their own life journey?

    It’s my favorite time of the year, a time where dreams of glory are yet to be dashed by a coach’s stupid decision or costly interception, much like a born-again baptism, a clean slate. The people have endured tireless months since the last draft. They check their rosters in hope that their favorite team of uniformed gladiators has plugged the holes and improved enough to be considered worthy of ultimate glory… the Super Bowl. The failures of a team to win a championship can be directly attributed to the concept of sin, which leads to the failure to achieve heavenly heights.

    God loves American Football to the degree that He gave it as a gift to His favorite people, Americans so that we may be entertained and ever mindful of His Power and intelligence. Look at how the Canadians have stolen football and perverted into a farcical display of below-average players and ridiculous rules. A point for punting the ball? Vince Lombardi laughs in his grave at the naïve attempt at mimicking an American tradition.

    Football is structured much like a church. At the top of the team is a coach who commands and teaches the players just as a church pastor does his flock. The singleness of purpose, ultimate victory, be it the Super Bowl or Heaven is what drives the team, or congregation. There can be no doubt that divinity has it’s place on the gridiron of life.
    American’s relish in football and cling to it’s traditions just like good Americans do their own history. Who had a dry eye when Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem before the Super Bowl while middle eastern war battles raged? I’ll tell you who, the arab devils didn’t and how many of them ever watched a football game? Football gave America determination and filled her heart with God’s glory which was just the tonic needed by the troops and their support as they took to the battlefield and crushed the Arabic menace, just as a team would take the field. Do you see what I’m getting at?

    Just as God sees homosexuals as an abomination, so do NFL locker rooms. Except for Esara Toulalo, who can be seen as a modern Judas of sorts, there is no homogay influence or will there ever be. Some doubters have pointed to football’s contact as a sign of homosexual behavior, be it hiking the ball between the legs, blocking or tackling but that cannot be further from the truth. Has any one of them naysayers ever tried to get into a three-point stance with an erection? It’s a physical impossibility. How could football be gay when it’s primal ritual, the line of scrimmage, is impossible for a gay man to perform? It’s ridiculous.

    No emosexual music bands have ever performed at a Super Bowl. This is what God wants. Sure, there have been some performers that have not met the standards of godliness that is required of a saved soldier of God like Prince and Janet Jackson but hasn’t there also been undeserving sinners in God’s churches? This is a stupid argument.

    So please watch professional football as often as you can to get closer to God. Teach your children that virtue and camaraderie are Christian and American values that can be realized on the football field for the super bowl trophy that is heaven is attainable with football as part of a young person’s life.

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