• An Immodest Proposal for Immigration Control

    December 4, 2011 4:15 pm 54 comments

    As a southerner I have seen the impact of illegal immigration on my native soil. Here in Georgia I grew up only knowing whites and blacks in Atlanta. But over time Mexicans have come to infest the state. Hoards of mexicans have rove in and stolen American jobs from hard working Americans. Now we are in the worst economic depression since when I was a little girl.

    Recently an article by Stephenson Billings described how Canada is squandering North Americas resources. It got me to thinking about how it is to bad the mexicans come to America and stop. They should keep going onto Canada. In fact I said:

    What a blessed article brother billings!
    I have oft thought it unfortunate that America blocks the free flow of Mexicans to Canada. It is further unfortunate that mexicans are typically to lazy to keep going. They get bogged down here and stagnate our culture and society as well as the economy.

    I wish there were someway to get them to Canada without them stopping here in America. One part that I disagree with you is that typically mexicans are not intelligent enough I am afraid to properly work mining equipment. Just look at that batch of mexicans that got trapped in chile a year ago.

    Unfortunately my opinion is not very popular with the liberal “give America away” crowd. As I write this, 55 people have “condemn clicked” my comment. In fact someone even posted what they call a “screen grab” of the comment on reddit and called me racist, along with other a sundry insults. This worries me. Why are so many so called Americans so willing to give our country away to those filthy law breakers? That is what they are. They break the law to come here, there is no doubt or argument against that fact.

    So I have been giving some thought into how we can get the mexicans out of America and into Canada. Of course the immigration laws that the good God fearing states have enacted have worked to move out many of the mexicans out of those respective states, but just like cock roaches when you turn on the lights, they will scurry some where else. In this case, to a state with liberal un-American laws. But I came up with what I think is a great idea.


    With so many Americans out of work one way to put men to work and mexicans out of the country would to be a big tunnel. I submit to you that we build a tunnel from the border of mexico and build it under ground to Canada. But of course we have to first build a big fence along both borders to keep them out and first and then to keep them IN when they get to canada.

    Canada likes to fuss about how we are so racist to the mexicans, well let them deal with the little bean eaters for a few generations and see how they like it.

    mexicans are used to tunnels

    The entrance to the pipeline at the mexican border will be a big vortex that will suck them all in. Then they will be forced to carry on to the Canadian border where we will have to sneak in an exit in some canadian wooded area. Once there they will take jobs canadians don’t want. Like construction, selling oranges (or whatever fruit they have native to Canada), acting and playing Hockey.

    One thing that I struggled with for days was how to get Mexicans that are here already to get trapped into the tunnel and be forced onwards to Canada. I finally came up with a solution. We will create fake taquirias on the pipeline and stock it with legal hispanic border guards. When the mexicans go in they fall into traps doors in the entrance, and won’t come back out, they are then forced to go back to their native soil or are forced to Canada.

    Some of you will ask about innocent Americans that are trapped. My answer is NO real Americans eat at taqorias. If they do then a border guard can rescue them. Or they can go to Canada where they would be better off anyway.


    Of course the best defense is a strong offense. Many of these criminals have to cross the Rio Grande River, to enter our glorious country. Unfortunately for us the Rio Grande does not have any natural Apex predators (other than the minute men) to control the population of river born mexicans. That is why we need to add them. I suggest that we get the Game & Wildlife to stock the river with certain aquatic predators.

    The creatures would be Sharks, Pirhana, Electric eels, and finally Alligators.

    A few shark species do actually enter fresh water to procreate. And some have even become stuck in land locked lakes and have become (by the grace of God NOT evolution) capable of living in the fresh water. We can catch some of those fish and create a breeding program under Game and Wildlife to stock the river.

    Piranha are a fierce creature known for eating sinful skinny dippers. They are sometimes solitary fish but can swarm into schools of water borne death from below. Let’s see that illegal swim for it when he is missing his legs up to the knee. And for big batches of river hopping mexicans, a few will get through for them we have the electric eels. In South America the Electric Eel is an apex predator that can create 600 volts or more of pure god blessed mexican frying electricity.

    If any refried bean eaters get through the gauntlet of Shark, Piranha, and electric eels, then along the banks our last line of aquatic defense will be vicious alligators. Every year proud southern hunters enter the swamps of Louisiana, Georgia and Florida to catch the vicious creature. In fact a TV show called “Swamp People” chronicles these hunters. Perhaps we can encourage them into a catch and release program to stock the river. If not there are plenty of alligator farms out there that we can draw upon.


    With the Kenyan President pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, he will soon be bringing them home and dumping them on an already over taxed job market. I suggest we put them to work on our southern border. If you try to cross over the border of many countries they shoot you on sight without proper documentation. Why should we be different? Why can’t we defend our borders with necessary deadly force? I think we can’t afford not to use the necessary force to defend our borders.

    An American soldier tracks illegals at the border.

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