• Andy Biersack: Christwire’s Worst Person of the Year

    December 17, 2011 6:35 pm 271 comments

    It is time for Christwire, as well as the nation to reflect back on the year as a whole. To look at who were the movers and shakers, sinners and saints, who made the world better and who made it worse.

    This year the flock voted and we decided by a margin of 153 to 3 that Andy Beersack, was the worst man…woman…uh…Person of the year. Better known as Andy 6 Beersack, he came to our attention this spring after I alerted the world to the dangers of Emosexuals (What is an Emosexual?). The youth of my local Atlanta church as well as young chrisTwire fans on facebook, started telling me about various bands that play to the emosexual genre. The first was Falling In Reverse, but by far the worse and most perverse of these emosexual bands was Black Veal Brides.

    In my ground breaking expose on Black Veal Brides, which is in Pulitzer Prize contention, we learned that Black Veal Brides is a Emosexual Rock group from Ohio. Born deprived of musical talent they sold their souls to become the modern day version of 70’s shock rock group KISS. KISS was the first music group that made up for their lack of music talent with painted demon faces and pyrotechnics.

    As a youth, Beersack was picked on by more normal children for the way he dressed. It is common for children to innocently pick on other children, it is a way to learn from each other what is socially acceptable. Without society’s laws and ways we would have pandemonium and anarchy. But Beersack wanted to start a band to teach children that it was okay to go against society. That it was okay to cross dress, for men to wear makeup, for the youth to disrespect their elders, to sodomize your friends and to create social decay.

    Which one looks like a proper christian to you?

    Since the initial article, Black Veal Brides and Andy Beersack have come to our attention over, and over, and over again. It seems that every week he is doing something to earn an article on our holy web site. When ever we have an article about him, hoards of evil, vile, ravenous emosexual girls come to defend him. They behave much like the girl in the movie “The Exorcism”. These poor young souls are possessed by the demon sounds just like the girl in the movie is possessed by the demon spirits inside her.

    This is a man (a cross dressing, transgendered one) that is so hated by God, that he sends the Holy Ghost on a regular schedule to trip this sodomite into smiting himself into pieces over and over again. In just the few months that he has been on the christwire radar he has fallen and broken his ribs (VIDEO), fallen and broken his face on a drum kit, Been beaten up by the father of an angry emosexual child, angry at what Beersack had turned his child into.

    But why would God do this? Because Beersack turned away from God and to Satan. The bible tells us that homogayism is an abomination, but beersack tells us that he is proud to be gay with his “friend” Matt Good. In this video Andy Beersack and Matt Good are seen cavorting with one another, proclaiming their love and discussing their gay sexual habits.

    WARNING: The following video is rated
    F for fornication
    A for atheist and
    G for gay
    Use Christian discretion and please send all unsaved souls out of the room.

    Once that story came out the music world was a buzz with the news that my articles had forced him out of the closet (in which he was playing 7 minutes in hell with Matt, I’m sure). Soon christian rocker Phillip Lebonte facebooked about Beersacks horrible music and his homogay lifestyle. Radio stations started trying to “hook up” Andy with various other gay rockers. As usual his 12-13 year old fans could not accept his gaynes and fondness of man sodomy, and claimed he was dating a female Singer named Juliett Simms, but Christwire author Chuck D. Finley soon showed us the truth about her and Beersacks relationship.

    Finally, Deacon Bowers listed Beersack and his band as one of the 13 worst bands of the millenium, and intern Mike Watson identified a mental illness related to Beersack that is found in young emosexuals, as well as uncovering underage sex parties thrown in Beersacks honor, where young emosexuals sodomize one another.

    Is there any doubt that Beersack is the satanic emosexual sodomy scum of the earth?

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