• Angered Emosexuals Take to Youtube To Whine About Christwire and Their Sad Feelings

    December 26, 2011 12:33 am 79 comments

    If you are a a fan of christwire, then you know that I have been fighting the emosexuals more than usual lately. They are coming out of the woodwork to defend these evil, vile, and disgusting bands that are morally corrupting their souls.

    Many Emosexual teens have taken to youtube to spread hate about our holy site and to spread their rage against Me personally. If you thought Brayan Stars was bad enough, then these kids are just horrible. The all look the same, talk the same, and do nothing but spread hate.

    Several of them are obviously hoping that I will reply to them so that they can gain some youtube views. One punk in particular, that was wearing gloves and 80′s aviator sunglasses, especially wanted me to reply to him. I am not giving any of you that courtesy.

    But there was one emoron that stood out. I wanted to share his video with you:

    Emosexuals like this one make me truly sad for this nations future. What will come of our great nation when people like this grow up and are in charge? This idiot repeatedly gets my words wrong. From the beginning of the video he repeatedly is too stupid to say the word EMOSEXUAL, instead he says homosexual. How can you confuse the two?

    My favorite part comes at the 3:55 minute mark where it is too uneducated to pronounce the word deviant and instead says “hooligan”.I am pretty sure that I have never used the word “holligan” in any of my articles. This is almost as bad as the girl in another video, that accuses me of calling everyone “faggot”. I do not use that word. There are plenty of other words to use such as my favorite, “sodomite”.

    I will now take a few seconds to address this emorons (emo+moron)comments. Since this person is obviously too stupid to understand anything I will post the actual time marks where he says the things that are the most outlandishly wrong.

    :40-:45 seconds I highly doubt you have ever met Bryan Stars. You are as pathetic as the girl in another video that claimed that she was friends with Bryan Stars because he replied to her tweet. Beersack has replied to my tweets, that doesn’t mean that I know him or are friends with him.

    :57-1:46 seconds Listening to you read my article is like listening to screach owls sing. It is horrible. Did you ever go to school? Your teachers have failed you. Tell your parents to request their tax money back from the school system. And as I have said the word is EMOSEXUAL not homosexual.

    1:30-1:38 The word is ARYAN, no where does it say negro. No where. I even made the word a text link, to the wikipedia article on what Aryans are. Because I know how stupid you moronic emosexuals are. Instead of posting idiocy on youtube, do a word search and learn something.

    2:13-2:16 I did not write that he “worships sexting”. I wrote “He is encouraging the sinful act of sexting in the song “Sexy, Please text me!!”. ” Get it straight.

    2:40-3:30 I am 81 years old. Are you really going to waste that much of my life with saying nothing and using your slow witted mind, powered by mice on a wheel to falsely read my article?

    4:00-4:10 The word you are so painfully incapable of reading and pronouncing is “deviant”. Deviant-noun: a person or thing that deviates or departs markedly from the accepted norm.

    4:13-4:35 Does it really take you that long to read two sentences? Plus you left out at least 1/3 of the words.

    4:35-4:42 “please click that blue text link” what was so hard about that, that it took you 7 seconds to see blue text 2 lines up?

    4:50-4:54 Congratulations. You finally said it “EMOSEXUALS”. Good Job. You are officially at a 4th grade reading level!

    4:50-6:34 Watching you read is painful. It is like watching a handicapped person fall out of their wheel chair and try to get back in. It is sad and pathetic. Did you even graduate from kindergarden?

    6:35-7:00 You can’t even read. Do you honestly think I am going to take your word for anything? Also I did not call Radke a child molester. Besides reading you fail at reading comprehension. If you were smart, you would have noticed the blue text links to stories about the band Phish, which does include child molesters.

    8:00- 8:12 If he is painting a picture with music it is a horrible picture.

    8:12-8:30 Here is your article. You are welcome for the traffic to your pathetic youtube channel. Maybe you can get over 105 views now you sad little emosexual.

    Now the rest of you little emos don’t think that I am picking on one little emo. This is geared towards all of you. You are all the same. All of your videos are just as sad and pathetic.

    If you would like to read the actual articles that this person has so horribly butchered you can read them here:
    “Falling In Reverse” A Teen Pop Band of Gay Emosexual Criminals.
    Ronnie Radke of “Falling On Reverse” is still a Criminal Sexual Deviant
    WHEN EMOSEXUALS ATTACK: Christwire and Sister Susan Insulted by a Mouth Herpes Infested Bryan Stars, Artisan News, and other Emosexuals
    Bryan Stars News: An Aryan Emosexual with a Dark Agenda

    IN RELATED NEWS: There is a online petition on Twitter to get Christwire taken down. There are also groups on facebook. No one has taken down christwire and no one will except God. Our firewalls are stronger than the Walls of Jerico. Christwire is the voice of God and we will never stop spreading the “good news” and spreading our “Conservative Values for an Unsaved World.”

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