• As Iran Navy Fires Missiles at US Peace Keeping Ship (Photographic Evidence) in Strait of Hormuz, The US Government Must Call for Allied Military Invasion of Tehran

    December 31, 2011 12:02 pm 32 comments

    On December 30th, Iranian battleship fires deadly missiles upon non-aggressive U.S. carrier on a peace keeping mission in the Strait of Hormuz.  Iran is threatening to cut the Western world off from crucial oil supplies and is attempting to initiate a global conflict.  Quick, decisive action is needed from Washington, DC, to contain this new Persian aggression.

    Emboldened by the naively laid olive branches young Barack Obama laid out before them when he become president, Iran and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have all but declared war upon the United States.

    Barack Obama joins with anti-capitalist dictators Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a naive moment of candid camaraderie. Little did Obama know that Ahmadinejad would aggressively push for a nuclear Iran, one that could destroy a defenseless Israel and share deadly nuclear technology with the anti-American yet oil rich Venezuela.

    For the first time in history, a United States president backed down from the US international policy of not letting recognized terror nations harbor weapons of mass destruction.  In a fool’s speech, Barack Obama explicitly stated that the Iran had every right to have nuclear weapons.  Now, with a destructive nuclear arsenal nearing completion, Iran yearns to destroy Israel and will not let even a soon Republican-lead United States stand in its way.

    The Bush Doctrine clearly labeled North Korea and Iran as key components of the Axis of Evil.

    By refusing to follow the policy of President George W. Bush, Obama has ushered in this era of an emboldened Iran seeking military backing from Russia and China as they bid to become the dominant power in a tumultuous, mostly dictator-free Middle East.

    Iran is trying to setup its own incarnation of the Monroe Doctrine.

    By the use of force and threat of a US and NATO versus China and Russia war, a war that would destroy humanity itself, Ahmadinejad is masterminding a way to make an aggressive Iran the ruling nation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon.  Ahmadinejad plans to extend his ‘sphere of influence’ to even the Northern African lands of Egypt that the US military recently freed from the evil reign of Moammar Qaddafi.

    Iran is trying to blackmail the USA into submissiveness.  Tehran announced that on Saturday, the day before 2012, it would begin firing upon any US ships in “non-American waters” in proxy to the Middle East.  And it kept true to its word.

    The missiles fired were Demoncled class warheads, capable of delivering a nuclear arsenal’s payload, explosive packages with the charge of 4,000 units of c4 and can even deliver biological payloads.  These missiles are very sophisticated and appear to be of advanced Soviet-era design.

    “Shorter- and longer-range, ground-to-sea, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles will be used on Saturday” the Iranian ISNA news agency reported Iran’s navy spokesman, Commodore Mahmoud Mousavi, as threatening America on late Friday.

    Iran followed this display of power with a bold statement:  “Not one drop of oil will leave the Strait of Hormuz until the United States leaves the Middle East, running away to its pithy nation, and Barack Obama must plead forgiveness and promise to not impose sanction upon Iran or her allies.”

    The sanction reference is in respect to Bush-era policy which threatened to starve the Iranian government of supplies if they dared develop nuclear weapons, a necessary measure to ensure world peace.

    No longer living under the fear of historic Bush-era policy, the Iranian military is on ‘full alert’ and daily practicing war games in which its troops chant ‘the infidel United States shall perish under the leather of our boots’.  In Arabic culture, a “jihad” means “a struggle” and the Iranian military has made its new ‘struggle’ the defeat and surrender of all American citizens in the Middle East.  Xerxes has again come to roost and feast upon the flesh of Christian-0riented people who love freedom and democracy.

    The aggressive military stance in Iran and China’s increasingly menacing Pacific fleet are meant to stoke tensions with Washington, yet Obama is not showing proper strength to keep this new Moor-Sino aggression at bay.

    While Barack Obama remained mum and timid when pressed on the subject, the United States GOP field did answer the question quite similarly.  Should America call for an invasion of Iran?  Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the most aggressive:  Iran is showing “irrational behavior” and its actions of trying to close the Strair of Hormuz “will not be tolerated”.  The US State Department soon after mirrored the words and sentiment of Romney.
    As if the firing of ‘warning shots’ at US ships were not bad enough, the Iran navy has also laid out mine-fields in the strait and have already tested out new ‘aerial drone’ technology, which US intelligence reports look reverse engineered from the drone that ‘crashed’ in Iran only weeks ago, under the command of Obama.

    In anticipation of war, US oil-nation Saudi Arabia  announced that it had signed a $30 billion contract to buy 84 new US fighter jets in in order to maximize its defense of America’s oil cache in that territory.

    America has also vowed to strengthen Saudi Arabia by modernizing 70 existing warplanes, giving the nation ample munitions, spare parts, training and engineer oversight.  While the moves are meant to send a clear message to Iran, many US analysts fear that Saudi Arabia may use the new weapons against America in a secret alliance with the Arab League of Muslim Brothers.

    Despite sustaining hull damage in the missile attacks, to US peace keeping ships continue to stand ground immediately outside the sea zone Iran has declared ‘off limits’.

    While the US Navy maintains it is not seeking conflict, the Iranian navy continues to flagrantly instigate a battle.  Brigadier General Hossein Salami of the Elite Iran Revolutionary Guard against America spoke to the Fars news agency, stating, “There is no doubt that we can destroy the American ships and carry out offensive strategies to protect our vital interests and ensure our jihad is successful.”

    Hossein continued to run his mouth:  “The Americans are not qualified to give us permission (to build nuclear weapons or to attack other countries, like Israel) to carry out our military campaigns.”  Equally emboldened, Iran’s navy chief Admiral Habibollah Savari chimed in, smirking during his interview:  “Tell the United States it will be “really easy” to close the strait.  Really easy.  No oil for the Americans.”

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